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Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink?

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    Gin and tonic on a warm sunny day. Or an Astra beer during winter.
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    (Original post by sensei_mooni)
    i've heard that many times before
    hahahahah moooniiii i am very concerned about u
    u cant go a day without haveing a drink or two u may need help !!!!!
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    (Original post by sensei_mooni)
    i've heard that many times before
    well you can stop taking it then!
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    At a party, find a pyrex measuring jug
    Add the following

    35p euro shopper NRG drink x2
    Carton of Ribena
    A generous helping of vodka and/or rum
    Top it up with kopperberg pear

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    (Original post by blacklistmember)
    well you can stop taking it then!

    no Calpol for you then! :eviltongue:
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    As lots of people were going on about feminine and masculine drinks...
    Would you find it weird if a girl was having a beer?
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    (Original post by ArtGoblin)
    Rum. Why people continue to drink vodka when rum exists I do not know. I switched after drinking far too much cheap vodka in my first year of university and I can't drink any vodka anymore.
    - It's mad isn't it! Can't beat a captain morgan with club orange, ice and line! Super splits all the way!
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    Malibu and blackcurrent
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    peach schnapps and lemonade
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    Vodka. Mixed with coke, fanta, cherryade or something.
    Budweiser if I'm going for beer
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    Special Brew or K on a street corner in my tracksuit with my dog on a cold winters morning
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    Pina coloada. Mmmmm love that stuff.

    Although I can never make it as nice as they did in Tenerife for me Mmmmmm
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    Palmwine or Martini (the Vermouth brand). Yes, that might not be the most masculine drinks in the world, but who cares? I like them and a beverage does not define your character ...
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    (Original post by sensei_mooni)
    no Calpol for you then! :eviltongue:
    i dont WANT your calpol :P
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    (Original post by robo donkey)
    Ale and whiskeys in the winter (more partial to bourbons and JD mind than single malts from Europe). Ale-wise I'm not *too* fussy, though I've got a taste recently for a rather brilliant pumpkin ale that I've bought a load of bottles of.

    Summer I prefer lighter beers like Bud (yeah I like it, that's all that matters) or gin and tonic (Hendricks or Gordons do it for me). Recently though I've been trying more cocktails, most of which were pretty nice, such as White Russians and Orange Whips, both are awesome and are associated with awesome films.

    So I put it to you... orange whip?
    So glad I'm not the only one who thinks this!
    My mates take the piss because I don't drink often but when I do, it's normally Kopparberg, alcopops, or Budweiser. At the end of the day, I'm not going to buy alcohol that I don't like!
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    (Original post by Alexandra's Box)
    As lots of people were going on about feminine and masculine drinks...
    Would you find it weird if a girl was having a beer?
    Not at all. In the US, where they tend to see beer as an high quality artisan drink to be savoured like a nice wine, rather than a cheap pint of catspiss to be thrown down your throat as quickly as possible as is too often the way over here, its extremely common for girls to drink beer and be as knowledgeable about the different styles as guys.
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    Nothing can beat a good gin and tonic in my opinion!
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    Strawberry Daiquiri especially on a day like today
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    Vodka and coke all the way.
    I judge men who drink alcopops. Actually, scratch that, I judge anyone who drinks alcopops.
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    Blossom Hill Rose Wine Gets me drunk enough to have fun but not instant vomit inducer like vodka


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