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Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink?

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    A woo woo =D
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    Vodka cranberry, or strawberry daiquiri
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    (Original post by sensei_mooni)
    a drink that you all may not be familiar with called "calpol"
    That stuff is amazing. Since you spiked my drink with it i haven't been able to stop. It is friggin awesome. Calpol the ultimate drink for the most epic of people
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    Mixed fruit kopparburg or skittles.
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    A tumbler of really good single malt whisky.
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    JD and Coke.
    Corona and Lime.

    I mixed a great drink whilst very drunk. My brother bought me a drinks shaker for christmas, so at new year I raided my Grandad's stash of alcohol and did... 2 measures of Vodka, 1 measure of Gin, 1 Measure of Martini Roso, shook it over ice and topped it up with lemonade. It was VERY nice to begin with... then it kicked you in the face and left you on your arse for a few days. This is why I named it after my ex girlfriend.


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