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    can someone please explain to me the link between dopamine and parkinsons. all i know is that low levels of dopamine increases chances of getting parkinsons ?
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    if this is for a level psychology, in studying Schizophrenia, all you have to know is that low levels of dopamine can cause parkinson's.
    However when drugs are given to alleviate the symptoms of parkinsons (such as L. Dopa) they can cause schizophrenic symptoms, reinforcing the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia

    any more in depth detail, i cant help you with, sorry
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    Low levels of dopamine in the Substantia Nigra part of your Basal Ganglia (in your brain) causes Parkinsons. Basically the cells which secrete dopamine die causing a decrease in the amount of the neurotransmitter within this part of your brain thus mucking up your motor functions and causing tremors (I.e. the characteristic "pill rolling" movement). Wikipedia it for more info.
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    Low levels of dopamine doesn't necessarily increase RISK of getting Parkinson's but can contribute to the disease symptoms. Parkinson's is characterised by a loss of dopamine secreting neurones which in turn can lead to motor dysfunctions. This can be caused by things such as oxidative stress in the mitochondria or a build up of the protein alpha-synuclein.
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    thanks guys, and why is mohammed ali such a special case ?
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    (Original post by kimmey)
    thanks guys, and why is mohammed ali such a special case ?
    Perhaps because of the fact that he developed it in his early 40s, the average age for development of Parkinson's being around 65 years old.
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    He's a an example because he developed the disease at a young age which raised questions about the idea that his fighting may have been a contributing factor, even though the disease is typically thought to be spontaneous and related to old age.


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