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Problem with Pre-Employment Screening

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    I am a university graduate, and have just recently been given a conditional job offer at a well known insurance company, following the successful completion of a background check which verifies 2 years previous activity.

    The problem is however, I was working at a local restaurant since graduation, but over this entire period I received no official payslips, just wage packets with unofficial pieces of paper. Obviously my previous employer was not declaring I guess. But without these payslips, I have no proof of income/ activity for this 6 month period, and it is slowing up/ stalling the process of starting my new job.

    What can I do? Does a signed written reference from my previous employer, detailing my role and the period I worked there adequate proof? I really don't have anything else... I just want to get on with my new job (it's a fantastic opportunity for me!) but I don't want to screw over my ex-boss (who would be my reference too).

    FML - Any help would be MUCH appreciated!
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    Ask your previous employer for a P45, you are entitled to one by law and it will show your income for the period you were working there:

    If your previous employer was dodging tax by paying you in cash then you have no proof you worked there and I doubt he'd be willing to put it in writing that you were ever working there in that case, I'm afraid.
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    Thanks for the help!

    I have already got a written reference off him, so either he is legit or just very stupid.

    Thanks again!


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Updated: March 21, 2012
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