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University has deferred my entry for next year

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    Hey guys,

    So basically I've applied for children's nursing for the September 2012 entry, I have one offer already and received another offer earlier today from Keele. Keele has deferred my entry until September 2013 and I'm a bit confused why.....I've sent them an e-mail but has anything like this happened to someone before?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hey Beccaaaaa! I didn't expect to see your name when i clicked on this haha.
    But that's strange maybe they didn't have enough places seeing as you said there were only 13?
    Call them, tis faster than an email
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    Haha, small world :P.

    I know . I wondered if they've made a mistake or they want me to carry on with my volunteer work for a bit longer :/.
    I might try calling them tomorrow/friday if they haven't replied by then .
    Thank you!
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    Please Wat does your ucas track says for this particular choice,
    Am askin becos I went 4 an interview on wed nd on Friday the university changed my option on track to defer but didn't make a decision.

    Thank u


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Updated: June 16, 2012
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