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I did some bleach and had a bad trip...

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    Hey guys,

    Basically, I was at my best friend’s house party last night, who was turning 21, and so everyone there was pretty wasted, myself included. I actually think that I was probably one of the most drunk people there, as everyone kept laughing when I slurred or tried to walk.

    Anyway, I was in the kitchen, chatting to some guys that I didn’t really know, when the conversation turned towards drugs. I’ve never done any drugs whatsoever, which these guys found amazing for a 21-year-old at university. I was asking them what it felt like being high, and said that I’d probably try weed if it were legal in this country.

    They then said that it was possible to get a similar yet legal high to that of weed by mixing a few normal household items, and asked me if I wanted to try it and see what it was like. I was pretty drunk, so I agreed, and so they set about mixing me a drink containing a shot of bleach, a pint of milk and quite a lot of salt. It might have had other stuff in it too, but I was too drunk to remember.

    Because I was so drunk, I just pretty much downed it in one and waited for the high to come, much to their amazement. After a few minutes, my stomach started to ache and I felt quite sick, but they said that I was probably just having a bad trip and needed to think positive, happy thoughts and it would pass. A few minutes later I chundered it all up again, but my stomach has had a dull ache in it ever since and it hurts when I eat or poo. Also my poo is red.

    Even though they said it was a legal high, I still don’t want to go to a doctor in case the police get involved and I get a criminal record for drugs and get sent to rehab or whatever… Will the negative effects leave once the drugs have passed through my system? What should I do?

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    I hope this isn't real. If it is, it's little wonder they were surprised. They were surprised you were gullible enough to down a "shot of bleach, a pint of milk and quite a lot of salt".

    People die painful deaths drinking bleach, so no wonder you feel off. If your poo is red you need to visit your doctor immediately.

    The police will definitely not get involved. Drinking bleach is stupid, but not illegal. Surely you realise the items you listed off aren't illegal drugs?

    As I say, I sincerely hope this is fake, but my faith in humanity has declined to such an extent over the years that I just can't be certain anymore.
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    As above, if this is not a troll, make an emergency appointment at your doctor's tomorrow. Tell them when you make the appointment that you have drunk bleach. .
    There is no possiblility of you getting in trouble as you haven't taken any sort of drug. However you have to go to the doctors. Since your poo is red you will have done some damage to your body.
    How could anyone be so stupid in the first place? :confused:
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    As above. Your entire GI system is going to be red raw. Make an emergency appointment.
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    Lol this guy is a troll. Well done to him for fooling people with this thread
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    You drank bleach because you thought it would get you high?

    Obviously you didn't drink enough. It needs to be a pint of bleach with a shot of milk and a handful of salt. Go mix yourself one now.
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    If this isn't a troll then you are a colossal anus. I've done some crazy stuff when drink before in the past but downing bleach? Go see your doctor. Idiot.
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    Police? Lol why would they be interested? You didn't do anything illegal. If you're 100% serious you need to go to A&E, you must have pretty bad internal bleeding, tbh I'm surprised you're not dead.
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    who is dumb enough to down bleach? i mean, cmon!!!
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    21, at uni and dont know not to drink bleach. I call troll.
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    Dude, that is vile. Even if you were drunk, why the hell would anyone be as crazy as to do that?! I'd say scrap waiting until the morning and just head for A & E now.
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    Obviously a troll. If not then he's a future Darwin Award winner and is probably already beyond help.
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    (Original post by OMG TOOTHBRUSH)
    Lol this guy is a troll. Well done to him for fooling people with this thread
    Hopefully. But there are some truly stupid people out there.

    I treated a guy last year who downed a bottle of flash bathroom cleaner for a bet.
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    Idiot - applies if your comment is both real or a troll-confession.
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    (Original post by M4LLY)
    If this isn't a troll then you are a colossal anus
    I'd probably hazard a guess that if this were not a troll his colossal anus will be burnt to a cinder now.
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    Also stop trolling.
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    (Original post by jmenkus)
    stop trolling
    Don't listen to this Chocothunder. You're doing good work here
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    It's less abrasive on your GI tract if you add a shot of Cif cream to take the edge off. Pour it over a mixture of ice and Mr Muscle and it's just :sogood:
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    It both amuses and saddens me that people are gullible enough to believe that this is real :rofl: :emo:


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