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    (Original post by DebatingGreg)
    Here are my political compass results. It's changed a bit since a few months ago, so it's certainly not static.



    Any opinions on what party I should support from this appreciated, though I don't take the political compass too seriously.

    Oh, and I'm a cosmopolitan social democrat. Looking back at the old political compass thread, one Labour, Lib Dem, Centre and Socialist (?) held the same position as me, so a bit of a bunch. Used to be a social democrat, though.
    Based on those i would be saying Labour.
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    (Original post by Maddog Jones)
    Tories <3 tuition fees
    Lib Dems <3 tuition fees

    Vote Labour!
    Who introduced tuition fees? Labour
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    for a party that supports universal education, vote Socialist
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    (Original post by tehFrance)
    But Ed Miliband signifies the incompetence that is Labour's current leader
    Since when did your opinion of my leadership matter?
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    (Original post by TopHat)
    5386 British troops for 100 Frenchmen? If you're suggesting the British army should honestly operate on the grounds it should have a 53.86:1 ratio for every single military operation, you are out of your mind.

    EDIT: I'm rather tired at the moment. I'll go through your post in more detail showing why it is wrong later. Don't worry.
    Well no. After they put more troops up the ratio goes down.
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    What are the parties views on Sharia courts?
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    Only the Conservatives are committed to renewing Trident and keeping our country safe!
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    H + C likes to spam, I think he's still "butthurt" over being kicked out of Labour.
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    Contrariwise, my opinion of him has changed a fair bit since. Don't think he's 'butthurt' tbh :rofl2:
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    (Original post by TopHat)
    I'm not sure you read my post properly, so I've quoted it again.

    Yes, and that's exactly why TSR Labour plans to tackle welfare reform. There's a reason we're the Labour Party, not the Dole Party. We're in favour of making sure people can get into sustainable, paying labour. You've not actually made a point here, you've just misread my post and then made a platitudinous statement.
    okay i stand corrected TopHat but can you please tell me and anyone else,whats your party view on the disabled and those at disadvantaged in the workplace.Whats your party going to do to help them,u state that you wish to make sure people can get into sustainable,paying labour
    But i would like to know whats your party policies with regards to those individuals who are disabled and who have never worked because of their disabilities
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    (Original post by xXedixXx)

    I just said that I laugh every time I see a picture of a Lib Dem with the "pledge" to vote against tuition fees.
    well you cant judge our party because of one person xXedixXx.My own personal view doesnt count on what Nick Clegg did or not did.
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    (Original post by Ham and Cheese)
    What does this have to do with anything? the Liberal Democrats have zero say in who gets entry to Eurozone, while the others are correct/funny, this one is stupid.
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    (Original post by tehFrance)
    I am sure that is exactly how it went

    Also why the hell are you lying in your manifesto? you did not "champion consumer rights and reform the legal system"... you had one bill and it FAILED.

    You achieved nothing and called the election to get out of being held to account!
    No guesses for which party you support then...

    (Original post by Ham and Cheese)


    <3 x
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    over 400 votes, we might manage 1000 if it carries on like it has been doin!
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    (Original post by orcprocess)
    What are the parties views on Sharia courts?
    An abomination.

    I have no problem with people of differing faiths living in this country however when people come to the UK they should abide by British Law, not some antiquated set of religious laws.

    Multiculturalism can exist to a degree (i enjoy the odd shisha) however the onus must be on integration and as such all aspects of Sharia Law in the UK should be scrapped (unless there are any good parts in which case they would be applied universally and not to one section of society).
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    (Original post by DebatingGreg)
    Yeah, I saw that you just set up the new Progressive Party. Could be interesting...

    Anyway, could you just sum up in a sentence, not caring for practicalities too much, what your ideal society would be i.e. a society of universal equal opportunities? Know it's vague but it can help me see what your general direction is
    Well philosophically I strongly believe in egalitarian liberalism, a capitalist system without the entrenched class system - success is achievable for everyone, and it's no easier for one person to achieve it than it is for the other, purely based on the family they were born into etc. Basically a complete meritocracy. I'd also quite like flying cars and floating houses.
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    (Original post by Ham and Cheese)
    Only the Conservatives are committed to renewing Trident and keeping our country safe!
    Lies. UKIP is committed to renewing Trident except in the event of multilateral disarmament when we would reconsider this position.

    (Original post by orcprocess)
    What are the parties views on Sharia courts?
    Disagree with its practice in this country. I am not going to comment on whether Sharia law is good or not because I don't believe that we should comment on other cultures and the cultural ways of others, but I disagree with it being practiced in the UK.
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    (Original post by orcprocess)
    What are the parties views on Sharia courts?
    um, opposed? :confused: you really expect any party here to be in favour of them? I mean, im not aware of any individuals that favour them yet alone an entire political party (on TSR or IRL)
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