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Things that piss the hell out of you in everyday life

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    (Original post by AYO)
    ohh? but loud white people are better?
    You've obviously never been to south east London.
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    (Original post by Emilyborden)
    When people can't tell the difference between "your" and "you're", or "they're", "there" and "their". Bad grammar in general bugs me.
    As soon as someone mentions this, I automatically turn into a grammar detective and check their post/speech for any mistakes. That annoys me.
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    Buying a product and then a newer version coming out some months later!
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    People who start hunting for change down the bottom of a bag at a till point after waiting in a queue for over 5 minutes.
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    the bus- slow, unreliable and ALWAYS late
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    My internet connection stopping randomly.

    Slow walkers.

    People who cannot pronounce/spell basic words.

    People who don't have basic knowledge (especially if you take a subject like Sociology. It is painful).

    13/14/15 year old girls bragging about their 'piss up' and who they have slept with.
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    People smoking / Shooting up on buses. Especially with school kids around.
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    (Original post by Aleeece123)
    when you're walking down a path and there's a group of people walking in the opposite direction towards you. Obviously they all have to walk in a row, blocking the entire pavement, and couldn't possibly disrupt their conversation long enough to move out of the way a bit to let you pass. Not so much of a problem when you can walk out into the road a bit, or onto some grass or something to get round them, but when there's a wall or a massive puddle etc in the way as well, it's sooo annoying! This seems to happen to me at least once a day when I'm at uni..
    That's because the footpaths in Durham are all about three inches wide
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    (Original post by llama-beans)
    I tend to go for the, "I need to catch a bus/train..." excuse and just walk off.
    I've tried that before and they've walked with me to the station :rolleyes:
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    - Awful grammar; especially from people who want to be journalists and/or keep blogs.
    - 14 year-old girls posting "vanity" photos of themselves on Facebook, with captions such as "Just got out of bed", or "I'm so ugly" - FACEBOOK DOES NOT FORCE YOU TO UPLOAD EVERY PHOTO YOU TAKE OF YOURSELF.
    - Being -1 character on Twitter and having to decide which grammar crime to commit.
    - People who think a degree's a degree, no matter what the subject or where you study it.
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    People who can't spell "definitely" just because it's a mistake that I see all the time. The worst thing is when they change it to "defiantly." Where did this come from?!

    When people say "I could care less." I think this is an American thing?

    Loud people on buses. Well, buses in general.

    Ooh...so many more. Think everything's been mentioned really.
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    my Internet being slowww
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    People who can't control their spoilt brat.
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    myself, just having to put up with myself jheez.
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    (Original post by Coeru)
    People who can't spell "definitely" just because it's a mistake that I see all the time. The worst thing is when they change it to "defiantly." Where did this come from?!
    YES you hit the nail on the head with that one. I've seen so many bizzare variations like deffinetly, definately and definetly. I just don't get it.

    Also, when people add about 5 extra letters at the end of every word, for example: "Heyyyyy how are youuuuu?". "I'mmmm fineeeee thanksssss howwww areeee youuuuuuuuu?" :mad:
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    Noisy children on public transport. I know it can't always be helped, but it's still annoying.
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    when you drop something at night when everyone else is asleep and it makes so much more noise than it would have in the day -_-
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    People who can't control their spoilt brat.
    yeah my little sister is like this and it is so EMBARRASSING when she wont do as shes told and everyone is staring at you (sorry spelling is NOT my strong point, dont judge)
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    When you shoot someone with a sniper on MW3 and they don't die
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    When a coin falls over on a table or desk, and then does that spinning things that takes ages, making that really annoying noise.


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