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Things that piss the hell out of you in everyday life

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    People who buy the biggest headphones known to man and walk round thinking they're so independent and creative.

    The whole concept of "Vintage clothing" please realise you are paying large amounts of money for something second hand and that you could find in a charity shop for probably a fraction of the price.

    Topman and the fact an XL in there is designed to fit someone with a 30inch waist.

    People who try to argue economics or politics but go on what they're read in
    a) Daily Mail
    b) Blogs
    c) Other people's Facebook statuses
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    Pedestrians that act like lemmings and walk out in front of me when I'm on my bike. WHYYYYY???
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    Incorrect use of there, their and they're and everything else along those lines.

    As a musician - being let down by other members of your band - though his applies to everything that involves working in groups.

    When my next door neighbour's giraffe sneaks into my bedroom in the middle of the night and attempts to choke me with a shower cap.

    People in general.

    Having my two year old cousins sleeping in the room next to mine who refuse to sleep at night and scream to keep me up - which they are doing right this second.

    Not being able to remember the other things that piss the hell out of me in every day life.
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    When you step on a plug. OH the pain.

    (I hope no-one said this already)
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    When people gather in a group that then obscures most of the corridor I'm trying to walk through.

    Elitists in any way (especially musically).

    When you pledge to do something that day then completely forget.
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    Logging into a website and having to try different email/password combinations til you get the right one i.e. on some sites I used @gmail or @googlemail, then I have a few different passwords.
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    people who dress *+*DiFfErEnTlY ++ UnIqUelY*+* but infact, are just the same as everyone else who is attempting to be different and unique.

    people who dawdle in tescos/asdas/any shopping scenario. seriously, why does this happen?

    people who are smothered by their parents

    people who cannot do anything independently and always must be in the company of others

    people who consistently talk about nothing or no-one but themselves (my housemate does this.. christ it's annoying).
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    lateness, unless for excusable circumstances
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    People insisting on talking to me when I've got my headphones in.
    Fat chicks walking around with their mid-riff's out.
    Coppers who tell me it's illegal to assault to said fat chicks even though they are visually scarring me for life.
    Bus roofs being too low.
    People who ask me if I'm gay because I want to be a Nurse.
    Man Utd.
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    My iPod reminding me it has "20% battery remaining" every 5 seconds.

    Oh, and when my earphones get tangled....don't get me started on that!!
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    (Original post by AliceMarilyn)
    Slow walkers.
    Totally agree, I also hate people who stand at a traffic light when they have not even pressed the button!
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    When someone is constantly moaning about how bad their life is and they have EVERYTHING done and paid for by their parents, all they have to do is turn up to college three times a week, by driving, in a car that's paid for them....

    Getting up late and having to rush. Everyday with out fail!

    People who claim to be dyslexic but AREN'T! JESUS CHRIST JUST ACCEPT YOUR THICK! (this isn't saying dyslexics are thick, just the person who claims to have dyslexia but doesn't is).

    People who say OOSH! like keith lemon on celebrity juice, also Mot. Is there any need!?
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    (Original post by AliceMarilyn)
    Slow walkers.
    This. Especially when you're in a rush.

    Others (some of which have already been mentioned) included people that play their music loud, people that talk loudly on public transport, and my real pet hate is when people eat noisily. It really grinds my gears. As in, smacking their chops and chewing loudly.
    It's really not difficult to eat silently and quietly FFS.
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    * People who throw their rubbish into my front garden (happens a lot more than you might think!)

    * Groups of people walking who decide to walk side by side (slowly!) on a cycle path meaning the cycle path is completely blocked for anyone travelling faster than 1.5mph. Here's a pic that may help:

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    "Full-time Mommy" as an employment option on Facebook, and the girls who wear it proudly.

    1) It's "Mummy".

    2) The majority of the people who have this job title are teenage mums and are accidental pregnancies.
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    People who stop at the bottom/top of stairs and escalators blocking you from getting past.

    Same goes for people who walk through doors before you then just stop.

    People who put their trollies right across an aisle so you can't get through then give you a funny look when you move it out the way.

    Slow walkers and people who walk in cycle lanes.
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    People on mobility scooters who do about 15mph everywhere, expecting people to jump out of the way.
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    People who are taken completely by surprise by the fact that they'll have to pay bus fare, and spend needless minutes rummaging around in their bags for change. Good way to get yourself... looked at with scorn. :rolleyes:

    That, and ignorance in all of its forms, although that's a pretty all-encompassing one...
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    - people who park on the pavement. There's a road to park on. Oh, and if it's yellow lines and a narrow pavement, it means don't park there

    - slow walkers who block the pavement

    - periods at really inappropriate times

    - people who don't blow their nose and just sit there and sniff. Just how difficult is it to blow your nose?
    SO agree with the last one.
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    (Original post by *GoLdSeQuIn*)
    Sneezing. Just hate it. My own sneezing makes me cringe and my mum sneezes like she's about to blow the house down. People who don't cover their noses/mouth...urrghhhhhh! I'm not squeamish about anything but for some reason, sneezing irritates the hell out of me and makes me squirm.

    Attachment 137743

    This, and little kids who sneeze without covering their noses/mouth, then use their fist to awkwardly wipe their nose, but their hand goes up and down their WHOLE face. (psst. My brother.:argh:) It makes me feel sooo ill.


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