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Things that piss the hell out of you in everyday life

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    professors that don't know their **** , but act like they are the **** just for the dope.
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    people who stand on the left side of escalators where people are meant to walk down on! i just feel like pushing them all !

    people who walk like they have nowhere to go.

    people who talk really loudly on the tube. no one cares to hear your conversation.

    massive crowds of tourists who block out the whole pavement so you have to walk on the street (._. )

    people who jump very long queues and pretend like no one saw them, its like ***** you're not invisible! get your ass to the back of the cue

    the hand rails on the tube! (those things as gross as ****!) who knows how much bacteria and **** is all over it! ugh i swear like 70% of people dont wash their hands

    people who cough without covering their mouths! all sorts of germs are spread like that!

    ugh! people in general annoy me! i hate everyone.
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    (Original post by Zuki)
    Loud black people on bus.
    ohh? but loud white people are better?
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    Girls who have kids and then change their name on Facebook to "Emma LillysMummy Smith". Is that REALLY your name? Is it on your ****ing birth certificate?

    So much rage.
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    (Original post by Scubar)

    Low-carb diets. Michael Moore. The Republican National Convention. Kabbalah and all Kabbalah-related products. Hi-def TV, the Bush daughters, wireless hot spots, ‘The O.C.’, the U.N., recycling, getting Punk’d, Danny Gans, the Latin Grammys, the real Grammys. Jeff, that Wiggle who sleeps too darn much! The Yankees payroll, all the red states, all the blue states, every hybrid car, every talk show host! Everything on the planet, everything in the solar system, everything everything everything everything everything everything–eve–everything that exists — past, present and future, in all discovered and undiscovered dimensions. Oh! And Hugh Jackman.
    SCRUBS <3 I love Doctor Cox
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    So much, but we'll go with immature ********s for house-mates and groups of people who walk slowly, but take up the width of the corridor so you can't just go past them.
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    (Original post by tomclarky)
    People that randomly spit as they walk down the street.
    This needs banning so much!!!.****ing disgusting habit, keep your dirty germs to your ****ing self!!!!.

    People who get on the bus with children who are clearly 5 and over and dont pay their bus fares!!.......FFS it's people like them that put up the cost for paying passengers like myself.

    Actually there is a LOT of things that really boil my piss, but I'd be here all day if I started to list them all.
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    When hot girls have boyfriends.
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    People who think society owes them a living.
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    Being on the phone to someone in mid convo, then them going "oh hang on" and having a 15 min convo with someone there with them, while you're sat at the other end of the phone waiting for them to finish! grrrr. getting angry about it just typing it lol

    aaaaand breathe.
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    When people are grumpy. Sort of makes you grumpy as well.
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    Smelly people on the bus is a big one for me, I have to spend a lot of my time on public transport.
    Supermarket own brand soap is usually less than 20p, so if you can afford to spend £2.10 catching the bus into town you can afford to buy some soap while you're there!
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    People who say they'll do something and don't do it. And then he wonders why I'm pissed off with him.
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    Losing my lighters. I go through so many :sad:
    When I move out I'm going to remedy this by having a fishbowl full of disposables sitting on a coffee table in the front room.
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    People who steal food from my cupboards constantly after I say yes you can have a bit now, just a one off and just to be kind, that doesn't mean it gives you the right to keep taking some whenever you want
    When i'm working in the library's quiet area, some guy thinks it's cool to have their key sound turned on on their ipad!!!
    I do love a good session of grumpy old men on the bbc
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    How my pen lid seems to time travel everytime I drop it to the other side of the classroom.
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    I have a few of these:

    People who have been queuing for 10 minutes in a coffee/ fastfood place only to not know what they want when they get to the frontand hold up the queue.
    - The reverse of this is the person in front of you who order the most complicated drink ever

    Going to the bathroom and seeign that you housemates have used all the bog roll again... This is made worse depending on how much you needed the toilet in the first place

    Slow walkers or ditherers who can't seem to decide which part of the pavement to walk on

    People who do that snot/ nose phlegm thing where they cover one nostril and blow it out onto the pavement (this makes me feel so ill)
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    The person who you're with bumping into someone they know but you don't; and then awkwardly having to observe a two-way conversation while you stand there like a lemon until they finish.
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    getting out of bed before 9 am....
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    1) People not closing their BLOODY MOUTHS when they're CHEWING GUM!

    2) People (chavs) SPITTING ON THE PAVEMENT! It makes me wretch to even think about it. I blame footballers for this. I once stood at a bus stop with one idiot spitting every 5 SECONDS!

    3) Toyota Prius

    4) iSnobs (apple product owners who believe they're superior beings because of their newest piece of bull)

    5) White plastic being popular for the design of practically everything because of Apple

    6) My hair

    And relax... I'm done.
    For now.


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