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Things that piss the hell out of you in everyday life

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    Dumb People!

    and im talking about those people in class:

    Student1: miss how do i do Q1)a

    Miss: gives 5min explanation, lets move on to Q1)b

    Student1: ok i understand (starts answering Q1)b )

    Student2: miss how do i do Q1)a

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    (Original post by Discouraged One)
    Charity collectors on the street.

    I'm clearly busy walking quickly to where I need to be, I've purposely avoided eye contact with you, avoided crossing your path by taking a detour and yet you still stop me?

    **** OFF.
    I usually wear earphones and do get ignored.

    I agree - once had someone who couldn't take the word "no" for an answer. He was like "it's only £7 a month". I was receiving around £142 a month at the time; so yeah, that is a lot of money to me.
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    I usually wear earphones and do get ignored.

    I agree - once had someone who couldn't take the word "no" for an answer. He was like "it's only £7 a month". I was receiving around £142 a month at the time; so yeah, that is a lot of money to me.
    I've tried the earphones trick, it never works though. They still jump in front of my face with their irritatingly false enthusiasm and never do take "no" for an answer. It's not like there's only one of them to avoid on my way through town. There are millions swarming around waiting to pounce on their next victim.
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    People who crack their knuckles. Makes me REALLY want to go in a full blown rage.
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    looking for something for ages you have just putted down.
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    Bad manners
    Bad grammar
    Rapists and murderers
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    When people sit on the inside seat of a bus, taking up two seats!!
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    It may have been mentioned before, but when people sit on the seat nearer to the aisle on a bus and then refuse to move over to let someone else sit down when the bus is clearly filling up :rolleyes:

    Oh and people who spend ages waiting at a bus stop but aren't smart enough to think "oh i'll get my purse/money out ready" so instead stand in front of the driver for about 4 minutes when it does turn up fumbling in their bag - either get your money out or let others get on while you faff around ffs
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    people who complain :P
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    Trying to urinate with an erection
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    (Original post by ameliajane)
    When people sit on the inside seat of a bus, taking up two seats!!
    Why? If there's two seats available then whoever wants to take up two seats can, besides the inside seat has more space if someone wants to sit next to you, more leg room into the aisle !
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    (Original post by OU Student)
    Had one come to the door of a student house. When we said we couldn't afford it, they suggested going out one less night a week and shopping at Lidl. Already do and they still wouldn't go away...

    (Original post by Discouraged One)
    I tend to go for the, "I need to catch a bus/train..." excuse and just walk off.

    (Original post by Mati1)
    What happened to the apostrophe?
    I heard rumours a while ago that there were plans to remove it from the English language entirely as so few people can use it correctly!
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    ****s and attention seekers.
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    Guy on the train the other day who was talking on the phone about how he managed to avoid the ticket barriers. Also, guy on the train who stepped in front of me (and my suitcase) as I was about to get off the train, facing outwards so I thought he wanted to get off too. So I had to ask him to move, and then shout to the people who were trying to get on to let me off first. Thanks for making me look like a total idiot...
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    Human male species who speak and act like women.
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    Well 1 of the things I can't stand is overly judgemental people
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    Days when the weather isn't like it is today :mad:

    (I sat on the beach for my lunchbreak. Oh how i've missed being warm)
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    (Original post by lonelykatana)
    People who use the world random incorrectly.
    People who say 'BOOM'.

    Both of them can get ****ed.
    Did you randomly put 'l' in there?
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    when i try to write a long reply on TSR and the text box where you write keeps scrolling itself up :mad:


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