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Super Study Easter - A Trial Study Week: 40-50+ Hours a Week!

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    It's Easter, no lectures and no commitments! If you, like me, have been a bit of a slacker in term time, now is the time to seek retribution and also prepare for those mountains of uni exams in one and a half months!

    Thus, join me in attempting to work 40-50+ hours a week.

    I start tomorrow and so as to ease myself gradually into it, here it is as follows:

    Fri 23/03 - max 6 hours

    Sat 24/03 - max 8 hours

    Sun 25/03 - max 10 hours

    Mon 26/03 - max 8 hours

    Tues 27/03 - max 8 hours

    Wed 28/03 - max 8 hours

    Thurs 29/03 - max 8 hours

    Aim - 40-50+ hours in this trial week.

    I shall post at the end of each day how many hours I got done and so should you!

    Good luck!

    NOTE: This is strictly for uni students (and those who want to get loads done and be top!), not for A-Level students. For A-Level students this would be too excessive - even I didn't stick to any clear and serious regime at A-Levels and I still managed to get A*AAB in 'traditional' subjects.

    Let the games begin, at least tomorrow anyway! If you want to start like me tomorrow, have as much fun today or at least exercise your concentration and intellectual faculties with light reading. This is not for the faint-hearted!
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    Some of us still have lectures.

    Good luck with that tho, i could never manage it!
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    (Original post by alphaman)

    Sun 25/03 - max 10 hours

    I didn't even think there were 10 hours in a day.

    I sleep too much. :ashamed2:
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    (Original post by lsaul95)
    I didn't even think there were 10 hours in a day.

    I sleep too much. :ashamed2:
    If I wake up around 9/10 and sleep at 12/1+, that gives ample time for meals/relaxation etc.
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    (Original post by victoryshinesonus)
    Cool story bro, want a sticker?
    A 1st would be nice.
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    (Original post by lsaul95)
    This is going to be intense, I'll be sure to try this when I start Uni! Good luck!

    But bear in mind that I wouldn't need to do this if I'd remained on top of things in term-time. Some people did and are now actually putting the 'Holiday' in Easter Holidays. I have to make up for my leisure in term-time in my Holiday time. :lol:
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    :eek:Your easter holiday has started already!!! I've still got another week to go
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    Right so....

    On Fri 23/03, I nicely got six hours done! :woo: I achieved this by studying in two hour slots (e.g. 12-2, half an hour break etc). This was even done despite some disturbances which forced me to complete the six hour target at around half eleven... in the night.


    Today, Sat 24/03....

    Well, I've actually only got an hour done. There were many more disturbances and distractions and the intense day yesterday must have tired me out a bit. So I rationalised that I couldn't waste my time staring at pages, so I just went to hang out with some friends for a few hours in town.

    As a result, I'm now more refreshed and revitalised and motivated. So, though I may not be able to get eight hours done today, I have planned to get six done by completing the remaining 5 hours (i.e. 5pm-7pm; 9pm-12am).

    1/8 so far....
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    I still have another two weeks of term left before Easter!
    I'll probably be working close to those hours to get my essays done though!
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    I'm in. I don't want to have all my semi-break days in one go so I'll start tomorrow. Today I managed the grand total of watching a 2 hour 24 minute documentay. Took longer though when I had to rewind to make notes and record the names of the people speaking.

    Oh and I fixed my dad's computer but unfortnately I don't study Computing...
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    Going to start this as of tomorrow (sunday) I will not get like 8 hours done though ha!
    I'm going to start with aiming for half of that each day (so I can get my work done aswell)
    Then the week after I might up it to the same as you

    but do you this is necessary for me considering i'm only a first year?
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    Okay so today

    Going to focus on Perception today
    1:30 - 3:30
    4:30 - 6:30
    8:00- 9:00

    Hopefully in that time ill have all the notes written up but we'll see, if i finish all the notes then ill start making mind maps
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    Yet to start...
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    *Sneaks in* I'm an A-Level student and I did this for my January exams, woke up from around 11, worked for the whole day, stopping at 9, with breaks of course... and I'm planning to do the same for Easter, in my mind.. if I geek out over easter and learn everything before we return to school for 4 weeks before our exams I will know everything so when we do our mocks I'll know where I need to improve and it gives me plenty of time to do small revision.*sneaks back out*
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    I'm up for this! Finals starting in four weeks and left everything to the last minute as usual! Will aim for 50 hours per week, starting tomorrow!
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    Ahh I so need to do this... once my Easter holidays start next Monday. Just to get my essays done and crack on with some revision for my worst exams. I don't see it happening though, might try to aim for a little less each day. I'm sure I still don't actually know what method of revision works for me, which doesn't help.

    Anyway, Good Luck...
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    Studied with a few short breaks from 2 - now. Target in terms of content covered not reached
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    When my holidays start, I'm so on this! 24 hour library :yep:
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    I'm catching up at Easter. **** my life.
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    Definitely in this.


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