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Super Study Easter - A Trial Study Week: 40-50+ Hours a Week!

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    I haven't been able to keep up with like 8 hours work per day. I end up staying in front of my work most of the day though, but start looking at other things which distracts me. But I'm slowly getting through it
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    Well, seeing as the OP hasn't posted in 5days I think we can confidently conclude that he has died of exhaustion :holmes:
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    Nice one, I think i'll join in.

    Aiming for ~6 hours a day for the next few weeks then upping it to 7/8 as exams are nearer.

    First 4 days consisted of 4-6 hours of revision, but now I'm getting settled into 6+ hours a day. Still pretty depressing know that the next 2 months of your life are going to be revolving completely around revising but hey - I shouldn't have slacked off in term time. :ashamed2:

    And you get the summer holidays afterwards! :ahee:
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    I'm up for this once my easter holidays start. Just wish my kindle worked. :|
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    (Original post by crocker710)
    The quintessential student routine.

    Attachment 138461
    but it was sunny... :puppyeyes:


    Not gone quite to plan so far this week..
    I think did about 3 hours on monday, an hour on tuesday, nothing wednesday, then about four hours today.... so eight hours so far this week. Will hopefully bring it back a wee bit tomorrow and saturday, but working sunday so won't get too much done then.
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    My plan to get a few of these hours under my belt while at work has been somewhat thwarted by the fact that the band have just started sound checking in the venue I work at. They're not exactly a quiet band... At least I'm in a different part of the venue for my evening shift. Hopefully I'll get 2 or 3 hours done today (which when you consider I'm at work for over 8 hours today I think is okay).
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    I'm in. Got 2 assignments, 3 tests and 3 exams to revise for in 3 weeks Will enjoy today and start tomorow though
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    Despite being on my Easter holidays I got my IS to finish this week and about 3 other pieces of coursework other 2 other modules.

    Once these are in as I only have 2 exams to revise for i'll aim for about 30 hrs for module a week as i'll have about 4 weeks to revise them.
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    Started this today, so far half an hour done. Going to aim to get 8+ hours done :sigh:
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    Got 6 and a half hours done on Friday, and the same on Saturday. Today was working most of the day, then travelling to my mum's so wound up not getting anything done. So this weeks total was 21 hours... ever so slightly short of 50 :P But this week 50 hours will happen! Its not meant to be sunny any more so that'll help at least, it kills me being inside when its so beautiful out!
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    Today been in the library from 3.30. I've used about an hour and a half for distractions/breaks and the rest for work. So I've done about 6/7 hours today. Plan to leave here in about half an hour.
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    Having a shot at this starting tomorrow. I think only a schedule like this can help me now and I'm sufficiently scared to take drastic measures
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    im taking GCSEs
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    I can say that I got 7 hours done today Tomorrow aiming to get to the library latest 9 am. Will then stay till 3pm. Meet some people and then go training (that finishes at 9.30) will then get back to library for 10pm
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    I'm doing something similar to that anyway and I'm doing my AS levels.
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    Going to try and do as much as this when we finish up for Easter holidays on Friday. Seems like it won't even help though - WHO THE **** HAS 9 EXAMS? :'(
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    (Original post by __IWalkTheLine)
    Going to try and do as much as this when we finish up for Easter holidays on Friday. Seems like it won't even help though - WHO THE **** HAS 9 EXAMS? :'(
    9 exams wow that sounds horrible.
    I have 4 exams to revise for/learn the material in just over 3 weeks. I think im screwed. I have no idea how i'm going to remember the content for an entire year of work for each exam.
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    (Original post by __IWalkTheLine)
    Going to try and do as much as this when we finish up for Easter holidays on Friday. Seems like it won't even help though - WHO THE **** HAS 9 EXAMS? :'(
    I have 8 so I know how you feel :sigh:
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    Yeah, I have 8 as well. Pretty painful.
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    Not started at all :|.

    I just can't force myself to study!!!!


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