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Post a pic of your car

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    (Original post by thuvcasio)
    In the same boat as you, Try directline driveplus, its a black box that just monitors your driving and they can't charge you extra or penalise you for speeding as it's just there for data and next years premium, which you can change. Also premiums pretty cheap compared to other black box insurance. im getting 2k for a corsa 1.4 in bad area and i'm 17. try higher powered cars such as 1.2 and 1.4 they are cheaper for some reason. Best of luck
    Thanks but I have managed to insure my car (Audi A3) 2ltr to our holiday home up north in cumbria where I only have to pay a mere 1K with dad as first driver with 25yrs NCB and myself as a second driver. I found out that this is perfectly legal and in fact fairly common.
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    (Original post by Dan1909)

    My ST
    Now that, is a nice car.

    Bit better than mine.

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    (Original post by Dan1909)

    My ST
    Now I know you go to Surrey, you drive a Blue Oval, so do I, we should start a motoring society.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fiesta-st-white-one.jpg 
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ID:	290050 Here's my old school (slightly chaved up) Fiesta ST
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    Hello there,

    Looks like there's a few Fiesta STs on here. May as well add another...

    Even managed to get it in an Evo photoshoot:


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