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Into University Graduate scheme

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    Hey has any one applied for the into-university graduate scheme which is closing tomorrow.
    Would really love to hear from you
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    I've applied it looks great but I'm a bit put off by the fact a lot of their previous applications are qualified not that confident about hearing back from them.
    The interviews for Nottingham are being held on Monday though so I suppose we'll find out soon enough, good luck!
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    Oh are they? :-/ I saw on the website there's a few that have just been mentors or worked in schools or even worked abroad. At the end of the day if you really want it then you have as good enough chance to get it! Regardless of whenever someones a qualified teacher or not if you've got experience and your passionate enough then you stand a good enough chance! Good luck if you get a interview though!!! Fingers crossed for me now :-)
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    Yeah that's totally true I didn't hear back from them, but good luck for when you apply
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    I did not hear from them too i guess being a qualified teacher does help. it was my dream job too but i guess it was not meant to be.
    Anyways I got a job offer from HSBC which is a good career opportunity, so putting my pursuit for charity jobs on hold for now.
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    Just to let people know applications are now open for London/Bristol
    (I'm sure everyone interested knows but just in case!)

    Literally just sent off my form ... good luck anyone applying!
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    Good luck, let us know how you get on

    I've applied again (no harm) but will probably ask for feedback if this is unsuccesful, this is such an ideal job for me and I really like the values of intouniversity
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    I'm applying for this round to! Am spending ages doing my application. I want it to be perfect as I know how competitive it is and how theres only a few spaces. I know how you feel, literally have spent two years waiting to apply for this post and half the reason why I did my degree was for this graduate scheme. Its like the perfect job! If you dont get in ( im sure you will!) you should defo ask for some feedback, i will be!

    Also does anybody find the application form quite hard, im mainly talking about having 75 words to answer a question, its really hard to condense it down :-(

    Good Luck Everyone

    :-) x
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    (Original post by mevershed)

    Also does anybody find the application form quite hard, im mainly talking about having 75 words to answer a question, its really hard to condense it down :-(

    Good Luck Everyone

    :-) x
    I found this bit really hard, and when I looked back on it my answers just looked so short!! But that's what they wanted to there was nothing I could do! I guess this bit was literally just meant for the briefest of summaries... as you said this is just absolutely my dream job so can only keep fingers crossed!

    Out of curiosity, what kind of/how much experience with children do other applicant have here?
    I've done a fair amount of work experience/shadowing in various schools when I was considering applying for a PGCE, some voluntary work over summers with youth groups and taken part in a project with my uni going into local schools and doing workshops.

    Just want to know how I compare to others in this department...?
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    I haven't heard anything

    Thought it was a long shot!
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    Nor have I! Bit gutted cos I worked bloody hard on that application and waited 2 years to apply but thats life I suppose! Everything happens for a reason!

    Im sure you were good enough though :-)


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