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Food and Drink: In That Category These Are Nominated - Overrated and Underrated!

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    OVER: Cucumber sandwiches. There needs to be something else in the sandwich! Where is the tuna? Where is the salmon? Why do you insist on serving up this pathetic excuse for sandwich? Whyyyyy?

    UNDER: Tartlets (usually of the cheese and onion variety) served with chutney. These are a great little alternative to the usual pile of sandwiches you get given, especially if they're served warm and are homemade. Mmm.

    OVER and UNDER of: shop bought cakes and pastries.
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    OVER: Any of those big birthday cakes you can get in Supermarkets. It's like, yeah we'll make a simple cake, stick some peppa pig icing on the top and charge you extraordinary amounts for it. And we all buy them. And then wonder, why didn't we just make one ourselves, a lot cheaper and probably a lot nicer? It's the pretty box that lured you in, wasn't it?

    UNDER: MINI JAM TARTS! I saw them on offer today for a pack of 6 in asda for 50p and realised, I have not purchased these in about 8 years! Why not? The forgotten Jam used to be the key part to my lunch box. On par with the mini swiss rolls you get too. I bought two boxes, by the way. And I've eaten 2 tarts already. No regrets.

    over and under of BAKERY products that you can also get in supermarkets
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    UNDERRATED: BREAD. Even supermarket instore bakeries cannot compete. I've seen them using their pre-done dough. I WANT BAKER SWEAT AND BLOOD. That's FLAVOUR!!

    OVERRATED: COOKIES. I might be a heathenous wretch, but I simply just think Tesco five for a quid giga cookies, or hell, even a big tube of Hob Nob cookies, beat out a pricy bakery cookie...

    Overrated and Underrated POT NOODLE FLAVOURS?
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    OVER: Chicken and Mushroom. Alright, yeah, it's good. But it's the one everyone buys now isn't it? It's almost the default pot noodle. And they're trying so hard to sway us elsewhere, all these new adventurous flavours, but no..everyone ALWAAAAAYS goes back to chicken and mushroom. And as a mushroom lover, where is the mushroom btw? Just saying.

    UNDER: I know this is controversial. But I really enjoy the light blue Sweet & sour pot noodle. Noodles, chinese flavours. It goes, right? works for me. But I don't think I've ever spoken to someone else who would pick it as first choice.

    Over and under of uses of canned/jarred hot dogs?
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    OVER: actual hotdogs. Pretty standard really ey.

    UNDER: it's a toss up between pasta with chopped frankfurters or stir fry with em. Haven't actually had either but I hear both are good!

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    OVER: Honey nut loops. They're alright an all but..I don't really get much honey nuts from them. If something is said to be 'honey' I almost want some kind of sticky. Honey fix needs some stick!

    UNDER: Honey glazed cashew nuts. These are THE NUTS. THE NUTS OF THE NUTS.

    over and under of pizzas?
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    Over: Pot noodles

    Under: Supper Noodles
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    (Original post by MelissaJayne)
    OVER: Honey nut loops. They're alright an all but..I don't really get much honey nuts from them. If something is said to be 'honey' I almost want some kind of sticky. Honey fix needs some stick!

    UNDER: Honey glazed cashew nuts. These are THE NUTS. THE NUTS OF THE NUTS.

    over and under of pizzas?
    surprises me that people STILL can't figure the thread out.

    Melissa, the reason you don't taste much honey nuts in honey nut loops is tbecause they removed the nuts years ago due to whinging allergics. Now they're crap.


    featuring a disgusting 300% profit markup, these oily, reheated doughballs into mass produced "pizzas" are an utter joke.

    98p for 8, they may have close to zero cheese and weird soft bases, but that's part of their insane nostalgic charm. Nothing tastes like em!!

    Overrated and underrated of CUTLETS?
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    UNDER: Nut cutlets. When I was a veggie, these were my savior. So full of flavour, a real alternative to the meaty options my family were having, I didn't feel I was losing out.

    OVER: Pork cutlets. Probably my least favourite meat. It's pretty dry..and then with breadcrumbs, dry on dry. Need a good sauce to make them enjoyable, which doesn't say much for the product.

    over and under of smart price biscuits?
  10. Offline

    stop right there, criminal scum. Sure, many biscuits are the big brands, reskinned. But these are NOT the same. Stop praise-singing. The salt content and grain composition especially are far removed from McVities; a connoisseur can tell when it dissolves on the tongue.

    How sad when the "fake" Blue Ribands beat out their pricier cousins. But since Blue Ribands changed recipe, became 99 calorie virtue sticks and sucked out aaaaall that chocolate cream to a mere tickle between wafer layers, it opened up the supermarkets to pick up the slack. ASDA, TESCO and Sainsbury all offer creamier, tastier wafers for the kind of money even I could make busking with a rattle.

  11. Offline

    OVER: Marshmallows. Ok so I'm probably going to get shot down for this but why does everyone love marshmallows so much? They have a weird flavour, weird texture and are just plain horrible! Yegh!

    UNDER: Grapes. I love grapes. Got to be one of my all time favourite fruits. You can just sit there and munch your way through them with little guilt and little effort on your part and enjoy their wonderful flavour. One more than one occasion (much to my mum's annoyance) i've eaten my way through a whole bunch of grapes myself when she's needed them for a cheese board for the dinner that night! Opps!

    OVER and UNDER of: additions and extras on icecream.
  12. Offline

    (I'm taking it to mean Ice cream sundae type dishes...)

    OVER: It's a real toss up between wafers and mini marshmallows. I mean, both don't particularly add any new flavour dimension, heck I usually take the wafer out completely and just leave it on the side. Mini marshmallows are visually delightful yet lack any real taste appeal, its all texture and show really. Yet BOTH are common features on a sundae with 'the works' I find, and it's like...Great, you've made it look pretty, but replace that wafer for a waffle wafer, or crumble up a graham cracker and sprinkle it over and NOW we're talking. And those mini mallows? How about you get some chocolate instead, and we'll all be much happier.

    UNDER: Nuts. I genuinely love almond flakes/crumbled hazelnut pieces on my ice cream sundaes. I find they add a nice crunch element to the dessert and blend well with both the ice cream and the chocolate sauce. I also really love it when they use nutty chocolate like Ferrero Rocher crumbled up in desserts like these. (To be fair, I love it when they use just about any chocolate bars/sweets (like m&ms) in these desserts but seen as this seems to be used more and more its hardly underrated now!). But most people think nuts don't add anything, or dislike the addition, whereas I think if they give it a proper go they'll find just how good they are!

  13. Offline

    Every Time you mention sweet waffles, a Belgian cracks open a tub of ice cream. NO. IT IS NOT MANDATORY.

    a broken waffle instead of boudoir biscuits creates a truly sexy, denser trifle that very few know about!!

    Overrated and Underrated THINGS TOPPED WITH CHEESE?
  14. Offline

    OVER: Microwavable lasagnes. The cheese looks disasterous more often than not.

    UNDER: Chicken covered in cheese. I order this whenever I go to Italian restaurants (can't remember the name of the dish). A very scrumptious combination.

    OVER and UNDER of Prawn cocktail crisps?
  15. Offline

    Over: Walkers prawn cocktail, nothing special and a small bag is far too insubstantial. The flavour in recent years also isn't as good as it used to be.

    Under: Prawn cocktail quavers, my favourite prawn cocktail crisps and I can never seem to find them anywhere Something about the taste, it's slightly different, plus I enjoy the texture of a quaver more. Shame I hate cheese flavour crisps or I'd eat them a lot more.

    Over and under of dessert/ice cream sauces?
  16. Offline

    OVER: Toffee sauce! Why does everyone like it? It just does nothing for me on icecream at all. There are plenty of other choices out there, branch out a little!

    UNDER: Now, this may be the time I lived in Canada speaking, but maple syrup on icecream is divine! You don't need too much otherwise it gets too sickly, but having a swirl of the maple goodness over your vanilla icecream just sends me straight to Canadian heaven.

    OVER and UNDER of: Breakfast buffets you get at hotels.
  17. Offline

    In theory it's epic; turn anything into a choc ice?? Badass!! In practice, hard brown candle wax.

    Forgotten about this magic red elixir already?! It may be nothing more than raspberry sauce, but it races the imagination and pleases the tastebuds of kids everywhere. Monkeys... Blood?! Does the rest of the monkey taste so sweet?!

    Overrated and underrated SALAD ITEMS?
  18. Offline


    OVER: croissants. I mean really, there's pain au chocolat right next to it and you choose a plain croissant. Oh you've got jam, woohoo for you, ye boing so and so. Be adventurous damn it!

    UNDER: fruit. No one seems to enjoy the fruit for breakfast combo, opting for the fry up instea but I think there's something delightful about that fruit salad mix to start the day. Add some yoghurt and maybe muesli/granola and it's an amazing brekkie!

  19. Offline

    Yay, you did my example! Dani rules
  20. Offline

    OVER: Red cabbage... I don't really have much to say other than WHY DO YOU EXIST YOU HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A FOOD ITEM! I am certain that red cabbage was created by Satan himself, it is truly one of the worst foods I can think of, WHY IS IT ALWAYS INCLUDED IN SALAD?????!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!!?!!

    UNDER: Cherry tomatoes. Not only do they add much needed colour to an otherwise bland salad, but their sweet taste is delicious and I love the sensation of having one burst as you bite into it - cutting them up is a crime.



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Updated: March 27, 2013
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