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Food and Drink: In That Category These Are Nominated - Overrated and Underrated!

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    Overrated: the burgers. Everyone always gets them. Now I'm not a massive fan of burgers, but I just think it's such a boring option compared to all the other things!

    Underrated: Quesadillas...just SO good.

    Over and under of Pick 'n' mix sweets?
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    Overrated: The Gummy/Foam Snakes -they're good, but they don't really taste of much. Also, those white mice; they're so ridiculously sweet and sickly!

    Underrated: Those Foamy Fizzy Apple things. SO good. And those chocolate honeycomb pieces, but when it's done by weight, damn those things get expensive!

    Overrated and Underrated of MiniEgg Varieties? (yoghurt, the eggs themselves, the cakes etc)
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    OVERRATED: The Mini Eggs Easter Egg. For Mini Eggs being thrust at the front line of Cadbury's Easter army, you would imagine the Easter Egg version of it to be something special.

    In reality it's a sad story - a hollow chocolate egg and perhaps five or six Mini Eggs themselves.

    UNDERRATED: Mini Eggs Chocolate Gateau. It's basically the old Cadbury Swiss Gateau they used to make (with the chocolate stripes through it) but with added mini eggs. Anyone who mourns the EPIC SWISS GATEAU should nab it! It's just the same but CHOCOLATIER!
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    Overrated and underrated of:

    Fast food chicken?
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    OVERRATED: McDonalds chicken nuggets. Unfortunately they now taste a fraction of their former selves.

    UNDERRATED: KFC Burgers. Forget the chicken peices because their burgers are the best thing on the menu.

    Over and underrated Birdseye food product.
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    Overrated: Birdseye chicken dippers-used to be my staple food as a child but upon tasting again recently I found them just bland and really flavourless.

    Underrated: Fish fingers! So good in a white bread sandwhich with tomato sauce whilst watching some awful yet irresistable tv- (Jezza Kyle).

    O/U of cream cakes?
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    Synthetic Cream, sticky/messy, collapsible and calorific for very little in the way of flavour burstage. Also see: Twinkies. They ain't all dat.


    Seriously underrated. Takes the Scottish Coconut Macaroon, takes ANOTHER ONE, fresh whipped cream, SANDWICH. HOW EPIC.

    Overrated and underrated of: Takeaway starters?
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    OVERRATED: Chocolate Eclairs. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IDShot_225x225.jpg 
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Size:	12.7 KB 
ID:	138766
    They're really nothing special, I just like the chocolate really. And whereas profiteroles have a good chocolate/cream/pastry ratio, I find the Daddy version that is Eclairs don't. They are just a disappointing option for me.
    Meringue and Cream is always a bit disappointing for me too, unless its in an Eton Mess.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IDShot_225x225.jpg 
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Size:	14.1 KB 
ID:	138767. I just feel that the cream and meringue don't add anything to each other, and if anything, just cause you to make a mess of yourself unnecessarily! (though in this example from the image, the added chocolate is a bit of a plus!)

    UNDERRATED: Apple and Cream Turnovers are lovely (albeit not quite as good as just plain apple turnovers, but, one shouldn't complain ) Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IDShot_225x225.jpg 
Views:	67 
Size:	14.9 KB 
ID:	138765. They also do Raspberry and Apple & Strawberry Flavour which are also pretty damn good.
    Jam and Cream in a cake is always a good touch for me, they compliment each other well; the cream taking some of the sweetness of the jam and the jam just adding another flavour when the creaminess gets too much! So for that reason;
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IDShot_225x225.jpg 
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Size:	8.2 KB 
ID:	138768
    Strawberry Jam and Cream Scones

    Overrated and Underrated of: Frozen Party Food Options?
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    BEAT YA THIS TIME DANI! I had to edit it so I could beat you. I saw you in the bushes.
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    O - egg custard tarts. nasty!
    U - those fresh cream donuts... yesss :sexface:

    O/U of chippy items?
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    (Original post by TotoMimo)
    BEAT YA THIS TIME DANI! I had to edit it so I could beat you. I saw you in the bushes.
    Ninja'd!! But you haven't given another one for me to do?!



    Takeaway starters?

    OVERRATED: Garlic Bread. Everyone in the world seems to love this stuff but me. I just don't get it. It's just a baguette with some garlic butter spread on it. WHY DO IT?!

    UNDERRATED: Garlic Mushrooms. A FANTASTIC start to ANY meal. Also, Duck Pancakes. Why get Spring Rolls or Prawn Toasts when the ducky goodness is on offer?!

    Overrated and Underrated of: Frozen Party Food Options?

    P.S. Toto, I commend you. Clearly those Ninja Classes have been paying off . And Cream-Filled Coconut Macaroons? Intriguing. I'll be looking out for those badboys!
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    Overrated: Onion bahji, samosas and indian platter selection- they just seem like the Go too of party food, and they all taste the same :/

    Underrated; Iceland mini eclairs I had these years ago at a New Years Eve party and loved them, but *le sniff* Iceland doesn't have such a reputation for really good quality, and these really are!

    Overrated and underrated for Veggie healthy/light lunch options?
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    Like drinking water? Nice and thirst-quenching, right? Ahh, I love mineral water. That was oddly hot, though. Now to follow that up with a hearty meal. What's that? Oh, that WAS my Weight Watchers soup?


    I thought it was going to be MEGA CRAP. But no; cooked in minutes, it was super-easy and pretty damned tasty and filling for the size of it! And yet McCain are still best known for Micro Chips etc; something that fills up my big toe alone!


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    Overrated: BERNARD MATTHEWS Turkey ham. Watery and lacks any real taste.

    Underrated: BERNARD MATTHEWS turkey steaks. These are delicious. Some have cheese inside them.

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    OVERRATED: Country Life/Lurpak.

    On the telly ALL THE TIME, they're pretty much oversold as the most flexible, decadent delight you can put on a crumpet, into some mash, or on yer toast.

    In reality it's just... butter. Bog standard flavour, salted or unsalted. And I don't know if it's just me, but has a weird vegetable-spread-plasticky-taste to begin with...


    It's cheaper than the brands, and it really stands up to the name "Finest". Incredibly rich and creamy, affordable and with perfect melt-factor! And it's not even advertised, not even in-store!
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    Overrated and underrated nestle cereals?
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    Trix. Tried this expecting a sugar COMA (like Lucky Charms). I was bitterly disappointed.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	trix-balls-sugar-coated-cereal.jpg 
Views:	141 
Size:	71.0 KB 
ID:	138870
    Crunch cereal was a complete let down too! As was Cookie Crisp/Lion bar cereal.

    Also, though its not one specific cereal; Pic A pac. It needs to be mentioned. Bloody Rip Off.

    Cheerios and Shredded Wheat. Plain but amazing.
    Cinnamon Grahams. LOVE them.

    Overrated and Underrated of Kelloggs.
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    Over: Special K cereal. Say no more.

    Under: Winders! I love those sweets. They're so fun, yet..I think they've died out recently!

    Over and under of CHUNKY SOUPS
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    The single most overrated cereal FULL STOP, Krave is NOTHING like the cereals it rips off (Chocolatey Squares, Nougat Pillows), but is THREE TIMES the price. To try the original version is to ask yourself "What was I THINKING?!"

    SPECIAL K, too.

    Ludicrously overpriced, luring housewives into believing it's the core component of a miracle diet. In reality Special K has one of the HIGHEST GI ratings of ANY cereal - you would achieve better, more sustained results from eating two McDonalds standard Hamburgers per day than two bowls of this substituting standard meals!

    Special mention goes to the Crunchy Nut range which are advertised TO DEATH, yet are nutritionally worse for you than eating a serving of cake.



    For a fruity, nutty, bran-filled breakfast, it's deceptively sweet and delicious!


    Don't be fooled. This is the sweetest, most addictive wholegrain cereal in existence.

    Special mentions go to Rice Krispies, the cereal everyone loves but is often overlooked for Coco Pops or Ricicles, and All-Bran, which is effectively what Bran Flakes lovers progress onto for the BIGGER HIT!

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    I'm sorry to Ninja such an in-depth and correct post! Go with Totos, not mine!


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