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How much do you drink a week?

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    I worry about my alcohol intake.

    So, how much in UK units does everyone else drink on a weekly basis?

    Obviously by that i mean a rough estimate, cos you cant know exactly how much units a week you drink.

    UK guidelines suggest anything over 21 units of alcohol is dangerous.
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    Nil. Zilch.

    Personal choice, but I figure it's worth answering.
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    For me, it varies considerably. Quite often I won't go out at all for a couple of weeks, and won't have any alcohol. Other weeks, I'll go to the pub and have a couple of drinks but no more than that. And then there'll be times like a couple of weeks ago, where I had at least 25... and probably more than that. Spread over three different nights, but still. That's very very very rare for me! Normally, it'll be more like 3 in a week where I don't have a proper night out, and 10 or so if I do.

    That makes this a very difficult question to answer for me!
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    Most weeks - nothing at all. Though I'll occasionally have a beer/spirit or if I'm at a party a fair bit more I guess
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    I drink nothing most of the time, but I go clubbing about once a month, and then I drink maybe 8 units or so.
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    Depends. Can go a month without. But sometimes I'll clock up 20+ in a day and do this every other day for a fortnight . Not healthy but I run like a mad man the next day to sort myself out (science wise I am sure its ineffective, but motivation wise it works a treat).
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    I personally have had a patchy relationship with alcohol over the past few years. For example, I continuously ask myself "do I drink too much?" - several nights a week I will have about four bottles of beer. At my worst I was having it about five nights out of seven; that clocks up to 30 units of alcohol. Now, I still have maybe three nights where I drink and I still question if it's a dependance.

    But I say "Today I'm having nothing". And I don't have any alcohol. Nor do I the following day, or the next. Then, the next night I might say "I've not had any for a few days, I'll get a couple of bottles for tonight!" and maybe neck four or five, and due to my low BMI, it knocks me for six.

    I guess it's speculative. It's dependant on the individual. But certainly in my circumstance, despite now being out of the "dangerous" category of consumption, it's still not what you'd call a "normal" relationship.
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    One or two small rum and cokes every 2 weeks or so? I don't like to drink too much with all these health warnings going about as much as they are.
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    A lot :lol: Not as much as I did at the beginning of term. But while it varies from week to week, I can easily go over the 21 unit guidelines if I go out twice. Or even if I stay in. Myself and my best friend like to get a bottle of wine each and cook a meal together and then watch a film. Do that twice and you're on the limit already.
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    nothing, i dont really like it, i'll sometimes have a beer if i'm at the pub with friends or something else social but i try to not get drunk - i just hate the feeling!

    i used to have a really abnormal relationship and i knew i was starting to use it as a bit of a crutch when i was upset. i'd cope with a bad day by coming home and getting drunk so i'd fall asleep easier. luckily i realised & have managed to stop it!
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    I drink on Wednesdays when we go out, which will typically be about 12-15 units depending on how much I have to spend. That aside, nothing. Nights out are excessive as it is, I don't like drinking alcohol with food, and it would be too expensive.
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    Zero units :cool:

    But that's a personal choice I don't take alcohol well.
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    "How much do you drink a week?"

    I drink like 5 gallons a week

    Water,Milk,fruit juice.
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    not much... 2-3 beers per month
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    Nothing :^_^:
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    About 21L of water a week, 500ml of lemonade/blackcurrant cordial.

    That's it.
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    Far too much, but some weeks I wont drink at all then some I might go out and get really drunk. For example I haven't drank properly in weeks, like might have had a smirnoff ice or what not when down at the pub but tomorrow I'm going to a flat party, and I plan on buying tequilia
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    Currently nothing as I'm on a month long break. But an average week is normally 45ish and a heavy week 55-70
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    When I go out I'll have a couple of bottles of Corona. Never drink at home. Never drink with a meal. Only drink if i'm at a pub, club, footy.
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    (Original post by The Entity)
    UK guidelines suggest anything over 21 units of alcohol is dangerous.
    UK guidelines are entirely meaningless, arbitrary, and scientifically unjustified.


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