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Daily Mail wins "Newspaper of the Year"

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    Just a quick thread to annoy those people who constantly sneer at the Daily Mail and try and discredit it at every opportunity:

    Standing by for incoming neg rep
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    I love daily mail <3
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    The BBC have clearly lost it.
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    Now I've seen everything.
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    People jump on the Daily Mail hate bandwagon far too quickly.
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    Eh I buy it sometimes..

    It's cheap and the article writing is bearable compared to the SUN. Though the Metro is decent as a free paper. I'd get the I but no where seems to have it in near me.

    It's also easy reading, it's a step up from the childish language of the SUN but it's not a broadsheet(well..they where) like The times or the Guardian. If I just want to read it on the bus or something, Daily Mail is easier.

    Also it has a quite a few amusing little stories at times.
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    Kim Kardashian's arse Mail online is a worthy winner.
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    Do the people giving this award actually read newspapers?
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    It clearly doesn't deserve it, but God knows that showbiz sidebar on their website is impossible - and I mean literally impossible, no Jamie Redknapp-style hyperbole here - to stop reading everyday. Worse than crack.
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    The problem with the daily mail isn't that it's a tabloid and as tabloids go are slightly trashy and full of celeb gossip. That doesn't bother me at all, it's the out and out lies and manipulation it has in it's articles. Don't get me wrong I realise newspapers will have a leaning bias, but the daily mail takes it a whole step further and just manipulates the truth and stirs **** up. Everything from politics and immigration to health and the dreaded "PC gone mad" are talked about in the daily mails propoganda machine. And the way it states out and out lies as facts and tries to come across as genuine as if it were a broadsheet rather than a tabloid. Red headers I can deal with, with them they clearly show they are tabloids and don't try and be anything different. I didn't even mind the sun (until the phone hacking scandal), but i detest the daily mail. Just my personal opinion though.
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    (Original post by Lizzie246)
    Do the people giving this award actually read newspapers?
    Probably only page 3

    In which case The Sun should have won the award
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    (Original post by MrSam)
    I bet Channel 5 can't wait until the broadcasting awards now...
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    i think the Daily Mail is TERRIBLE but i find myself checking the website every few hours i cant help it!
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    .......I do not want to live on this planet anymore...
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    The quality of spelling and grammar as well as basing their articles on actual facts obviously weren't factors considered when giving the award to them then...
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    (Original post by Roshniroxy)
    The BBC have clearly lost it.
    The BBC had nothing to do with giving the award. It was the British Press Awards that issued the prize.
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    (Original post by Dont Tread On Me)
    People jump on the Daily Mail hate bandwagon far too quickly.
    And are entirely justified in doing so.
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    For me, I read it for entertainment value. Their most recent story with Lady Gaga was pointless haha
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    (Original post by MaceyThe)
    Just a quick thread to annoy those people who constantly sneer at the Daily Mail and try and discredit it at every opportunity:

    Standing by for incoming neg rep
    Compared to what the BBC has reported before, I can't see why this even raised an eyebrow. I would say raising an eyebrow at a BBC article, and murmuring agreeement at a Daily Mail article, are more or less as bad as each other.

    Daily Mail are reactionary screechy middle class women, BBC is ... an uncritical chump. If you report that Einstein has been resurrected, BBC will be the only people to report it.


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Updated: March 23, 2012
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