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What do you hate about your body?

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    My nose.Not because it's too big or anything, but when I smile or laugh it looks like my dad's nose. I don't have very fond memories of him, and the thought that I might ever be like him actually makes me feel sick.
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    My lunulae
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    (Original post by PoGo HoPz)
    My beautiful face. It gives girls heart attacks.
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    there is nothing i reeaaally hate...
    not that im perfect - there are definitely bits that could be improved

    i do hate that im quite flexible but cant do the splits
    it just doesnt make sense! haha
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    i like being tall.......

    ........just not being as much tall as i am.
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    (Original post by *Rouge*)
    That it's slim and not skinny. I know that many people don't find skinny attractive but it's personal preference and I do.
    What do you mean many people don't find skinny attractive!?
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    what a depressing thread...
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    Advanced male pattern baldness, strange shaped head, scrawny upper body.
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    You're all beautiful people. :daydreaming:
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    Being skinny top half, but then my legs just don't look like they belong to me. I've tried so hard to work on them, diet and exercises. pffft.
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    My face, I'm 18 and I'm still so baby-faced, people think I'm 15-16 years old :/ No matter how hard I try, sometimes make up makes me look a bit older. But, I guess that will go away as I grow older..on the other hand I do like my dimples
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    My stomach
    My nose
    My forehead
    My butt
    My hair
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    My belly button-I have a belly button hernia but even though I can't cut it off, I don't want to risk my life or be in pains to look 'normal'.

    My hair-I've had it for more than 6 months now, and it's not been bigger ever since, frecking afro, why won't you grow bigger.
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    I have incredibly sallow looking skin and haven't a clue how to remedy it
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    My ass is like cottage cheese.
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    I hate my skin,as although its spot free,its really sallow looking and makes me look ill,and I've checked to see if I'm ill or not eating right but I'm fine on both counts..make up makes me look less sickly but it's a pain to wear it most of the time.
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    The fact that I can't gain weight, wish I was curvier
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    (Original post by Pride)
    what a depressing thread...
    Everyone has insecurities man, otherwise you won't be on this thread
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    (Original post by rockrunride)
    Advanced male pattern baldness
    Same. I think this tops what people are whining about on here.
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    (Original post by jaxxa)
    Same. I think this tops what people are whining about on here.
    At least my bonce tans quite quickly, so even though I'm 21 and looking like an old man, I'm looking like a handsome old man :awesome:


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Updated: August 23, 2012
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