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LSE Library- Internet or lack of, solutions anybody ?

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    I am currently on a gap year and often find myself in the LSE Library, due to the fact it allows me to study after work in tranquil surroundings.

    However as a visitor, I'm barred from using the internet on my own computer. This makes life difficult, especially when I have to looks something up.

    Does someone know of a way around. If you do and could help. that would be a godsend.
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    Could you get one of those broadband USB dongle?
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    It is a solution that would take some time, wouldi t not be possible for me to log on to the network without using an existing LSE student's password. That would be perfect
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    there are computers on one of the floors that are for non-students
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    There are computers for visitors on first floor .
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    Know of them, but they are not exactly in the quietest zone of the library. Also, I was not sure of their PDF downloading or ITunesU ( it lets you download uni lectures from around the globe ) capabilities !


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Updated: March 27, 2012
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