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University bias against private schools

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    Will be applying for Economics degree this year. Can anyone tell me which universities are biased against private school pupils or in other words prefer state school pupils (as I am from a private school) I don't want to waste any of my choices by applying to the wrong university
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    Get ready to be negged just for going to private school. TSR has a chip on their shoulder.

    Acaii, when it comes to it, each university should treat all of its applications individually, and base them on their merits. Your school, private or otherwise, should not be a contributing factor.
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    Any reports that some Universities are biased against private school kids are only based on word of mouth and never any hard evidence.

    The only example I could think of it in reality is that if you apply to a University which give a a range of standard offers, being from a Private school you are unlikely to get one in the lower end. (Exeter are one example where I've seen it in action and sometimes Edinburgh)

    However it is deeply unlikely that a University will just flat out reject you because you are from a private school, that has never happened to anyone I know (I went to a Private school)


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Updated: March 23, 2012
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