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Arsenal F.C. vs Aston Villa F.C.; 24/03/2012

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Could 16-year-olds have swung the referendum the other way? 23-06-2016
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    Alex song and his floaters ffs.
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    THEOOOOO. Song's deliveries this season, my god. :drool:
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    Yet another assist by song #BEAST
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    Nice shot by Arteta!
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    Why is Walcott playing for the other team?
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    After all this talk of who wants to buy RVP I'm amazed nobody has expressed an interest in Song. He's been suberb this season.
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    What a clearance Warnock
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    Why is the commentator always having a good at Dhourou. Not his fault he keeps getting fouled
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    Szczesny could do with improving his kicking.
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    Gervinho needs to get himself more involved. Since the ACN he hasn't been running past people and pinging the ball across the box like he used to, he just passes sideways.

    And as I type, he is injured.
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    Song with his Pirlo-esque passes :coma:
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    I'm so glad no-one is really interested in Song. He's grossly underrated for what he contributes to the team (assists and defensive ability).

    Good first half, RVP could've scored. That'll be the icing on the cake.
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    This is awful. Long gone are the Villa of a couple of years ago. We need to do some serious work on the team and sack the manager. :facepalm2:
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    Van Persie really needs to score in the second half just to add to his tally
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    (Original post by 419)
    Alex song and his floaters ffs.
    Those floaters are definite crowd pleasers imo
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    :lol: at the referees face there when he accidentally pulled out the red rather than the yellow card
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    lol rvp thinks hes neymar
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    (Original post by Nut.)
    :lol: at the referees face there when he accidentally pulled out the red rather than the yellow card
    yh noticed that as well :adore:
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    If we score another I reckon we should sub RVP.


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Updated: March 25, 2012
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