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Arsenal F.C. vs Aston Villa F.C.; 24/03/2012

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    I was wondering where the other fans were :beard:.

    I'd like to see AOC instead of Theo/Gerv for a while.

    Theo's playing better, but Gervinho might need game time to get his fluency and confidence back to where it was.
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    Do Arsenal fans actually think they can win the premier leahue next year??? LOOOOL here we go again.
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    (Original post by darkshadow1111)
    Do Arsenal fans actually think they can win the premier leahue next year??? LOOOOL here we go again.
    lol at you trolling everywhere. In this form, yes 7 out of 7 wins is pretty good, no?
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    The second half has been going really slowly :yawn:
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    Yeahhh Chambo coming on.
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    OX pace
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    Good god, the pace of ox!
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    Santos is so slow.
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    Djourou hasn't been bad today tbh either.

    A couple of clumsy tackles and Villa haven't attacked a huge amount but he's got in half a dozen good headers and held the line with the rest of the defence well.
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    ****e 2nd half performance. Shouldve taken Villa to the shreds.
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    WHAT a goal! :woo:
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    Thank God we didn't sign Shay Given. Knew he wouldn't have been an improvement on beach hair guy
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    Knuckle ball arteta **** yeaaaaa
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    What a goal.
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    And I was about to whinge about Arteta taking the freekick. :teehee:
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    my word what a shhhhtrikeee to finish a wonderful afternoon for the gunners...i think i need new pants
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    (Original post by J.Star)
    Yeah, that's what I want to see, none of the Ramsey in AM and Rosicky on the LW madness that Wenger fielded against Everton.

    Pretty sure Gibbs will start over Santos though, but I reckon Ramsey, Ox and Santos will come on as subs.
    That's some unbelievable foresight! 10/10
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    Fantastic strike!
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    Awesome freekick.


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Updated: March 25, 2012
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