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Slave to the crave - foods you CANNOT give up?

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    Those bacon rasher crisps
    DAMN they're tasty

    OH and chocolate peanuts
    my god
    chocolate peanuts
    my god
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    Oh man it hurts trying to not eat it, physically hurts. I'm on a diet and restricting myself to 10 peanut butter m&ms a day but goddamn it's difficult.
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    (Original post by SHABANA)
    Fried chicken. I think about it so much and every time I have it, I am already planning the next time I will have it.
    Me too! I love fried chicken! Southern food is just so good.

    I'd have to say pretty much most meat like venison, beef, chicken, duck and lamb. I just love it. I know I'm gonna get criticised, but I do always go for free range! Never, EVER eat that factory farm ****.
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    I have eaten ~20 creme eggs this week alone could not give them up for the life of me.
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    (Original post by RadioHawk)
    OH and chocolate peanuts
    my god
    chocolate peanuts
    my god
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    And mini-eggs around Easter
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    Well, that's a lie. Mini-eggs all year round actually.
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    the colonel's fried chicken.....and creme eggs, I eat 1-2 every day.
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    Cheesecake and Lasgnea

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    (Original post by Alexandra's Box)
    Mini Eggs whenever they are available. Or, Magic Stars. :nope:
    Oh god, these two. SO bad.
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    Honey Cheerios/Special K Oats and Honey/any cereal (I think I'm slightly addicted)
    Cereal bars
    Chocolate Eclairs
    Toffee bon-bons
    Cashew nuts
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    Chocolate. I'm so weak, I can't even go a day without it :bawling:

    Especially Galaxy, Malteasers, Malteaster bunnies (yay for Easter :coma:), Lindor, Milka, Dairy Milk caramel, Kinder eggs, Mars... I could go on forever :sigh:
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    (Original post by doloroushazy)
    i second reese's peanut butter cups! so good but also so weirdly disgusting, i buy them every chance i get!
    Eugh, I discovered these about a month ago and I can't stop buying them! They give me really bad toothache for some reason and I don't even like them that much...

    Why won't they go away?! :argh:


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Updated: March 25, 2012
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