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Foods you can't eat

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    (Original post by Clare~Bear)
    I'm the opposite, I love spearmint but I hate peppermint. I've been getting the same toothpaste for years because I definately know that it is spearmint and I dont want to risk getting one thats peppermint, cos they rarely say on the tube . . .
    Haha I forgot about peppermint i hate that too, but i just guess i'm picky about my mints i only like mild mints.
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    Quite a few things as I'm fussy but egg comes to mind, obviously you have egg as an ingredient in loads of things which I'm Ok with (though when I say ingredient, I don't mean something as large as an egg sandwich!) I just cannot stand eating egg as a main component of a meal, it just has a horrible texture
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    Liquorice, Sambuca, Tequila, anything with a strong aniseed taste. I've never had such an adverse reaction anything as I do to aniseed. Back when I used to stack shelves at Sainsburys I had to ask to be moved off of the sweet aisle because it stank of liquorice, I was literally gagging.
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    Mushrooms, I accidently put a mushroom in my mouth once and it was slimey :puke:
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    cheese makes me say hello to migranes
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    MILk!!!! the amount of times i have had to sit there and explain that i dont have milk as it makes me sick to the people i work with while they give me extremely strange looks for eating dry cereal on our breakfast break, its like iv announced im from another planet or something.

    also cant have vegetables, fruits (except grapes, raisons, apples and orange juice), jelly, mashed potato, custard, sauces (such as ketchup, mayonnaise, brown sauce, etc), cream, salt, vinegar,strong/mouldy cheeses, rice pudding, seafood (other than tuna, salmon and cod), baked beans, ravioli and things with bits in (yoghurts with bits, orange juice with pulp,etc). basically anything mushy or slimy is also a no-go for me im afraid, as foods i dont like or that have the wrong texture will make me throw up.

    and yes i realise im an awkward bugger, which is why i usually say im not hungry if people that dont know me that well try to feed me, as its just easier that way.
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    any sea food, especially prawns and tuna! chutney and olives (GAGS!)
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    (Original post by RAPSTER)
    cheese makes me say hello to migranes
    I can't eat cheese unless it's on pizzas! And have experienced a migraine from it too!
    I had pizza the day before I had a driving lesson booked and I got a really bad migraine on the day! The lesson itself was awful, I felt so dizzy and couldn't concentrate but I survived through it! :P haha
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    Marzipan - "puke"! Any kind of Olives and Custard!
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    Dairy products. I'm a vegan but I never liked them that much to begin with...however, it's somewhat difficult to buy food without some form of dairy in them - I mean, crisps have milk in them. I also hate mushrooms, peppers (the vegetable kind, not the seasoning), tomatoes (raw - I love tomato soup and sauce), baked beans, pineapples...

    If I didn't love carbs so much I'd be stick thin
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    I hate them. I tried to like them by forcing myself to eat them. I puked
    If I see a sandwich I like AND it has tomatoes in it, I buy it and slyly remove the tomatoes.
    However, the taste of the tomatoes still lingers in my mouth which makes me
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    (Original post by TheWorldEndsWithMe)
    I cannot eat prawns.
    I think I could, but then I go to put it in my mouth and I just can't bring myself to chew it.
    The really tiny ones are okay because they're soft, but when they're big and crunchy... Eugh. Can't stand it.

    Most fish, the smell puts me off.

    Bananas. The texture....

    Also the texture of raw mushrooms.

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    it's weird. I love many of the foods that people don't like on here - happily eat eggs, prawns, squid, peppers! although not a big fan of white fish such as cod, haddock etc. but having king prawn curry tonight for dinner! yum!

    however, I can't stand celery, liquorice and turkish delight. Couldn't ever eat any of these foul food items!!
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    I was going to say that there isnt anything that I wont eat until I remembered offal, ie kidney, liver, tripe etc.Totally disgusting!!!!.

    Apart from them I will eat anything
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    (Original post by Gofre)
    Liquorice, Sambuca, Tequila, anything with a strong aniseed taste. I've never had such an adverse reaction anything as I do to aniseed. Back when I used to stack shelves at Sainsburys I had to ask to be moved off of the sweet aisle because it stank of liquorice, I was literally gagging.
    hate tequila, ughhhh
    i also can't eat indian food. everyone in my school is in love with curry, but for me the spices just make me feel sick :dontknow:
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    Raw tomatoes. I don't mind them Cooke and enjoy them as part of a meal e.g. Pasta dish etc.

    But as soon as it's raw I gag, it smells awful and tastes even worse.
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    Salad cream! Won't go near the stuff, it always makes me gag when my Dad has it.

    Don't like olives either, apart from these I'm not really fussy.
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    (Original post by Delta_Aitch)
    Peppers. I have never been able to eat peppers or food that has been "contaminated" with the pepper flavour. It's just so strong and distinctive :yucky:

    EDIT: to clarify, the coloured vegetable kind of peppers, not the seasoning.
    Weird! I love peppers and have them in everything but I don't think the flavour is strong at all, except maybe green ones sometimes. Green are my least favourite.

    For me, it's bananas. Just the smell makes me gag. The taste/texture is horrible. I also had the smell, texture & taste of cheese, with the exception of Dairylea triangles for some reason...raw celery is foul too, I use it all the time in cooking but I can't stand the smell when I'm cutting it up.

    For ages I couldn't/wouldn't eat prawns or mushrooms. I love prawns now and tolerate mushrooms as long as they're in bolognese or something like that - don't think I could just eat them on their own, blergh.
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    don't even remember what it tastes like but the smell makes me gag.
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    (Original post by ____Dave____)
    Octopus / Squid ... never tried them, but don't think I'd need to.
    This. I won't even eat non-veggie paella because of the whole squid thing.


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