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Foods you can't eat

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    Anything aniseed, olives, gherkins (but I love cucumbers, and pickled onions), any shellfish, and liver. Oh, and tomato sauce on bacon- it's find on anything else, but even the thought of it on bacon, eeeeurgh!

    Don't like mushrooms or cottage cheese or brussels sprouts, but I can force em down.
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    Red Peppercorns.
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    Shepherd's Pie.

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    (Original post by FrogInABog)
    Guineafowl and duck? That's not fussy, that's classy

    Great username, by the way!
    Haha, thank you! Your username is pretty awesome as well.

    Going back to the original question - I can't stand mushrooms either, I think it's the texture of them to be honest
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    Too much cheese (as in I quite enjoy a tiny square but any more makes me feel bleeeeuughh)
    Too much tomato
    Eel or oysters
    Greasy food like cheap take-aways.
    A whole banana (half is fine)
    Eggs and beans together (but separately - yumm)
    sausage rolls
    milk in coffee
    fried bread
    raw carrots
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    Too much Parmesan cheese - ruins a dish imo, especially if it's the powdered form.
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    (Original post by izpenguin)
    And white bread (odd I know)
    I am the same about white bread, it literally makes me wretch.

    I can't eat mushrooms either.
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    Cauliflower / Cauliflower cheese
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    The words even scare me! x_x
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    Mushrooms, I used to think the texture reminded me of slugs/snails (which I hate with a passion) and could never shake that thought of eating them :laugh:.
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    Peanut butter and in fact anything containing nuts
    Brown sauce
    Salad cream
    Pickled onions/eggs

    Just thinking about all of these is making me want to vom.
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    I always try olives thinking that i'll like them, and each time I almost throw up everywhere
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    (Original post by FrogInABog)
    OK, I understand people not liking meat for ethical reasons, and maybe eggs (particularly from battery hens). And as much as my dairy farming family would hate me for saying this, I can sort of see milk products (but only just!).

    But honey?!

    Out of interest, and because I've never come across anyone who objects to it before, what do you find wrong with honey?

    I couldn't live without it
    I'm replying a bit late, but anyway ^^ ArtGoblin mentionned not eating honey just because it's an animal product, but as a vegan I don't eat it also because it can be harmful to bees (not always of course, but in many places it is). This is a really good website for information on the subject: http://www.vegansociety.com/resource...and-honey.aspx

    As you can see: "The queen bee is usually killed every year and a new queen introduced to the colony.5 The queen may have her wings clipped to prevent her from flying; this is to stop the bees carrying out their natural instinct to swarm (the old queen and a large proportion of the bees leaving the nest once the colony has provided a new queen to replace her).6

    Far from being ‘just’ simple insects, bees have a complex communication system, display co-operative behaviour and take part in activities such as collective decision-making, organisation and conflict resolution.7

    Farmed bees are vulnerable to insect attacks and diseases such as American Foulbrood and European Foulbrood, Varroa mites and associated viruses, which have increased significantly in the UK over the last 5-10 years, along with a decline in bee numbers.8 One method of dealing with American Foulbrood is to burn the hives while all the bees are inside."

    Hope this helps You'll also find tons of info on the website about dairy, eggs, etc (even so-called free-range chicken can be badly mistreated) and if you want even more info, http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...72964130308142
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    Mayo and cauliflower. Both of them disgust me, but I think it's mainly the texture of cauliflower cuz it reminds me of Styrofoam :|
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    Mushy peas.
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    Porridge, oh.my.god. Absolutely cannot stand the stuff. The smell, the look is even enough to put me off. My sister eats loads and i refuse to go anywhere near or wash her bowel off after she eats it as it just makes me feel sick
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    They offend me.
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    i dont like foods with raisins in them but i eat raisins on their own... i also hate.....lentils.......wasabi flavoured crisp..........pork/pig meat(ethical reason)..... im sure therez more but i can't think of anymore.....
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    Parsnips :eek:


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