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Clocks go Forward tonight

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    (Original post by 01jtiong)
    Clocks go forward as we are living a digital age how many clocks do u have and how many of you will be turning the clocks forward for BST, in terms of number of clocks to change

    also As weather and BST begins what are your hopes and do u think we will get heat waves

    March is an odd time to have warm weathers, as march comes to a close April will be here

    how fast is time approaching

    How many clocks do u own to have to change it

    I'm an absolute idiot.

    I said to myself "the clocks are going back in a bit, so make sure you don't get bewildered like you do every year, you know now, they're going to go back" I looked at the clock, and there was no 1am. I thought I had blacked out for an hour. It took me a minute to realise. I am a moron, let it be said.
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    I was doing coursework when the hour vanished and I thought I was going insane. I'm always reminded earlier in the day but when it actually happens I'm always like 'wtf just happened??' lol.

    I need to change the time on the oven and thats it I think... my stepdad always changes the time on the wall clock because it's quite high up and saves me having to piss about with a chair. I have an iphone so that sorts itself out and same with my laptop.

    I don't wear a watch :/ I really want one but I very rarely see ones that I like and I have really tiny wrists so I can't get anything too chunky or it looks ridiculous and no matter what one I get.. I'd have to have half the links removed which is a hassle. Plus when I'm at college I spend a lot of time in laboratories messing about with chemicals and fingerprint powders and stuff like that and I wouldn't want to get a nice watch and have it ruined or take it off and forget to put it back on again.
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    I went into a club at midnight. It closes at 3. I essentially got an hour less in the club for the same money that would normally have got me 3 hours. :emo:
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    Damn I had no idea!
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    Hell yeah, longer days for the win
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    great! summer is just round the corner
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    Don't the clocks always go forward? Mine do. If yours don't then you might need a new set of batteries.
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    I forgot. Damn it.
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    I have my phone set to manual time, so that iam able to change it,
    Due to this i was assuming that it wouldn't change itself like it would if it were on automatic.

    So last night, before bed, i changed my clocks (analogue alarm clock, watch and phone) so that i would wake up at the right time the next morning, only to get woken up at what my phone said was 7.30, but was in fact 6.30 BST.

    stupid manual went another hours forward because it knew it was time to change to BST but didnt realise i'd already changed it.

    so i lost even more sleep because i couldnt get back to sleep at the start of the extra hour i now had, and then when it came to waking up at the proper time i couldn't get myself up!! ughhh.

    my mistake really; shouldn't've gone back to bed.



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Updated: March 25, 2012
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