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Chances of getting through clearing...?

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    I am applying late to do mental health nursing (accelerated/grad entry) this year. I'm fully aware this is a long shot. I have also applied for two BSc's too. I figured that there's no harm trying right?

    Anyway, my question is how much of a chance have I got in getting a place via clearing? Do you still have to be interviewed? My problem with clearing is that I have to give a months notice to my workplace! I would love to be able to get on a course this year.
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    email the universities that are available in extra to ask if they will consider your application and apply now if you get any positive responses? that's what i did for midwifery. not sure if you need to be interviewed for clearing though!
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    My teacher's sister is a nurse and she got her place at Birmingham through clearing and she still had to go through an interivew to make sure that she was suitable for the course.

    I think it depends on how popular the course is at the universities you've looked at. Best of luck anyhow!
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    Thank you - both of you

    I've rung up a few and they said they will consider my late application, but seeing as they are still going through the ones that were on time I just feel that i am going to have to go through clearing and see how it goes! Fingers crossed I suppose, nothing more I can do. Hopefully submitting it this week - just waiting for my referee.
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    Good luck!!!


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