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Higher Modern Studies, Physics, RE or Art?

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    (Original post by SnoochToTheBooch)
    But physics is still a strong subject to have on any university application, especially medicine out of that list of possible degrees. As for the other subjects, modern studies is worthless if it's another name for general studies, art isn't exactly a sought-after subject these days, and RE is... well... about religion :banghead:. Anyway, coercion is such a strong word. I just wanted to put a word in for an epic subject that I feel extremely fortunate to have been turned on to.
    You do realise that this is a Scottish Qualifications thread, right?
    Modern Studies is absolutely nothing like General Studies and is a very well respected subject and is a great choice if you want to go on to study anything like law, journalism, politics, economics and any other similar subject.

    RMPS has a unit dedicated to a plethora of world religions (knowledge of which I believe to be rather imperative in our society), a unit dedicated to moral and ethical philosophy, and a unit dedicated to Christianity and its conflicts with science; a unit which I believe could be rewritten to focus more on the philosophy of science rather than science vs. religion.

    I have no problem with you suggesting Physics, I think it's a great choice too. I have a problem with you suggesting Physics for the wrong reasons and acting like it's the only respectable or sensible choice. There is nothing wrong with the other subjects.
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    To whoever the physics fanatic is I already am taking physics at standard grade credit and I got a 1 for my prelim and hopefully I will get a 1 in the final exam


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