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How do I get a Pinterest invite?

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    For the past three weeks I have been pretty obsessed with Pinterest.com. I requested an invite when I first discovered it, and since then I have ended up bookmarking so many pages that it's now just becoming inconvenient. I was wondering if anyone knew a faster way to get an invite?
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    I just went on it, what exactly is it? It looks like Facebook timeline.
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    (Original post by geetar)
    I just went on it, what exactly is it? It looks like Facebook timeline.
    Looks like a ****ty version of facebook, if thats even possible
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    PM me your e-mail and I can send you an invite?
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    (Original post by geetar)
    I just went on it, what exactly is it? It looks like Facebook timeline.
    It's basically an online pin board. Once you're a member you can create your own boards and pin things like recipes from all across the internet. It's basically a great procrastinating tool!

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    I requested an invite and then about a month or so later I got an email saying I can now join
    Though I must say, I've lost interest a bit as it takes a lot of time ..
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    It is nothing like facebook. I think it is more like tumblr, but IMO better. You make pinboards where you can collect stuff you like, e.g. recipes, photos, fashion stuff, travel destinations etc, general pretty pictures... it is strangely addictive I didn't really get it at first, but my sister kept telling me to join and when I did I realised I actually like it. When I requested an invitation it came really quickly, the next day I think.

    Have you managed to join yet? I can try to invite you if you still need it!
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    i think the best way to get an invitation is to go to www.pinterestinvitelink.com and they'll help you get an invite and signed up in about 5 minutes! worked for me!
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    Is it just me who thinks that link looks a bit dodgy for someone's first post... Just sign up via Pinterest itself. I'm sure when I joined I didn't have to wait longer than about a day, and this was recently.


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