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How to cure Acne?

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    I've tried to steer away from using topical ointments prescribed by the doctors, due to the fact that I don't like putting too many chemicals on my skin afraid of the long term effect it may have.
    I want to try and cure my acne naturally and so from last week I've been putting lemon on my face and once/twice a week put a honey+salt face mask on. I cleanse morning and night and put tea tree oil on my spots before bed.
    Tbh, I haven't seen major improvements but I do think my skin is improving slowly.
    Hope this was useful!
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    (Original post by Nox123)
    I use clearisil twice a day
    Well for starters, stop doing that. Unless, of course, you like throwing your money away.

    If you go to the doc, he or she will prescribe you something that will be much cheaper and more effective.

    However, I think it's just a part of life that you have to accept for the time being. It won't last forever.
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    Best thing to do is to drink more water, and in each glass put some lemon (freshly squeezed or lemon juice).

    Lot of people talk about applying lemon topically, but in actual fact (or in my opinion), actually works better when you ingest it. Course you could do both.


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