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The Martial Arts Society

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    Yay, I'm abroad LOL *kicks kicks kicks*

    In response to someone earlier, my sensei is black belt for both karate and taekwondo. But she's still very young, not older than 30!
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    (Original post by Humra)
    we just call it Martial Arts, coz technically it is, but we are just learning it in a form of self defence.
    Most martial arts have names :/ ah well..
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    (Original post by dimexi)
    Most martial arts have names :/ ah well..
    Sorry, I'll have to ask, and if they don't know, then I'll know they are fakes
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    :rofl: ok
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    What does everyone think is the most effective martial art for self defence, and what does everyone think of Jeet Kune do (Bruce Lee's "system" of fighting).
    I think muay thai is very effective (and pretty rough and painful too) for self defence as well as some form of grappling such as jiu jitsu (as this can help to fight on the ground where most street fights end up). The best self defence would be to avoid combat altogether though
    As for Jeet Kune do, although its not a martial art as such, I think its principles are quite useful, basically "be like water" and adapt so that you use what suits you.
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    I do agree with that the best form of self defence is to avoid combat..

    I think self defence is better than an offensive martial art mostly because you can protect yourself in demanding situations..
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    Yes I cannot believe how many kids have TKD Black Belts. In Karate there were so many more stages from what I remember! Not that I complaining I have enough to worry about with my studies than doing a hard martial art.

    She worked us hard tonight, I have lost a few inches off my waist since christmas and feel my uni concentration has improved
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    I have never seen a jitsu juniour black belt lol.. I don't think they exist!
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    I've been training in Traditional Shotokan Karate since January 2000, and have been a 1st Dan since July 2005. I won't be even considering taking my 2nd Dan for another 2-3 years, as there's just so much to do!

    Note that the Karate I do incorporates throws; arm, wrist and finger locks; floor fighting and more through bunkai applications of kata. I generally train three times a week in the dojo, and try to train at home every day if possible.
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    cool I did Wado Ryu. As a junior I got all the tags on the red belt. My Dad, as he was not a junior, did not have to do red belt or all the tags and went straight up to Yellow from white
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    (Original post by dimexi)
    I have never seen a jitsu juniour black belt lol.. I don't think they exist!

    they do , i saw one at our last regionals - they have white stripes on their black belt, but they arent allowed to do a whole load of things( cant remember what)
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    well i do chinese martial art, which is definately my favourite!

    my dad have been teaching me yong cun quan (sorry bout the spelling, might be wrong), which he had practiced over twenty years now ever since startin it in uni. it was started by the legendary lee xiao long himself. my dad's "shifu" currently teaches in hongkong.

    i also do taiji. me and my mom took it up a few years back, and we loved it! its really suitable for women like us, because it is not as physically demanding, compared with, well, taekwondo. im pathetic at that.. i gave that up when i was 9 years old after some unfortunate events

    well anyway, i do taijiquan, and taijijian. i also love taijikongfusan, which is a kind of dancing with fans based on taiji kungfu basics.

    anyway, taiji is my obsession!!! go taiji!!!
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    (Original post by Imaad)
    they do , i saw one at our last regionals - they have white stripes on their black belt, but they arent allowed to do a whole load of things( cant remember what)
    Yer I know I was looking for a half yellow and white TKD belt, man you guys have hundreds of belts to choose from! :eek:
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    (Original post by Imaad)
    they do , i saw one at our last regionals - they have white stripes on their black belt, but they arent allowed to do a whole load of things( cant remember what)
    Well I haven't noticed any at the regionals but you are right; they would have a white strip that runs all the way round..

    They won't be allowed to train with sharp weaponery or the actual safety chains I think and they wont train as fast a pace as seniors..

    When he becomes a senior, they might also drop him down to 2nd or first Kyu depending on how his grading goes.. In my last grading, a junior on blue got dropped down about 3 Kyus I think or maybe 2..
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    What u lose your gradings? that sucks
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    Yeah; depending on performance.. It is a higher pace from Juniors to Seniors...
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    Oh I see I though they could take it off seniors
  18. Offline

    O no they wont;though they threaten to sometimes in the grading lol
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    Done my grading today, the meanie won't tell us if we passed until next lesson boo

    HOW WERID. Everyone had to leave the room, even my Mum when we did the grading (she came to watch to ). In karate we all used to watch each other. I thought it was very strange
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    Anyone has any favourite martial artists? JJ Perry and Keithe Cooke are cool. :cool:


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Updated: May 7, 2013
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