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Do you wear footwear indoors?

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    Slippers in my uni flat because it gets cold.

    My shoes are in my bedroom so if I'm going out I'll put on those shoes when I get dressed (and inevitably walk around the house a bit in them as a result). Usually I take my shoes off a few minutes after getting home as well (although sometimes I get distracted and forget ).

    If I'm at a friend's house, I tend to follow what they do.
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    (Original post by umop apisdn)
    Did you say BEAR feet? :gah:

    Haha well spotted. How on earth did you find that pic lol

    The upshot, you know what they say about big feet...

    uhh...big shoes? Lol
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    I wear slippers indoors, shoes are removed at the front door.

    Same rule applies to visitors as well. I consider it bad manners to walk around a persons house in your shoes.
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    (Original post by silent ninja)
    Haha well spotted. How on earth did you find that pic lol

    The upshot, you know what they say about big feet...

    uhh...big shoes? Lol
    Simple Google image search
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    Look at this guy (continuing with the bear feet)

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    (Original post by ROYP)
    Look at this guy (continuing with the bear feet)

    Now that guy looks chilled!
    Bear feet ftw! Lol
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    I wear shoes in the house all the time. I'd take them off if they were wet or muddy, but as they aren't usually..
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    I wear slippers
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    I wear flippy floppies indoors. My feet sweat like a bitch and attract all sorts of bits and bobs when I go bare foot for a second.
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    pretty much all my friends do when we go to others peoples houses, but I often slip my shoes offbecause I like to be comftable. At parties and stuff I keep my shoes on though, not when I sleep/pass out though. I can't see why anyone would wear shoes in their own house, although I would wear heels or something if I was throwing a party, dinner party or entertaining a guy.
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    I wear slippers as I can't afford decent heating. It might not be winter any more, but my dingy little terrace doesn't get much sun at all. Oh to be a student... :emo:
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    I just wear slippers or socks instead, I hate wearing shoes inside! Hate being barefoot in other peoples houses though so I always hope I can keep my shoes on.
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    I never wear shoes in the house, but I hate taking off my socks because of tiles and laminates.
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    My gf is the clean and neat freak of the house, shoes off at the front door and kept on shoe racks. Actually even before she moved in I used to take shoes off as the house has real wood floors and originally was going to sell this house, so didn't want to scratch the varnish and lacquer coats.

    But since she moved in, she sweeps and mops the floor everyday, heh I think she might throw a major fit if I wore shoes in the house.
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    But I wear shoes in the house, my little brother makes it a dump anyway
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    Slippers in winter, flip-flops in summer.
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    (Original post by Ellz)
    The best way.
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    I wear slippers in my own house, shoes in other peoples unless they want me to take them off.
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