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Do you wear footwear indoors?

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    Nothing better than taking shoes off after wearing them all day.

    Maybe you shoe people should try it sometime.
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    One of my bosses wanders around the office with his shoes off. He wears mismatched socks and everything.
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    I don't.. I wear fuzzy slippers (like UGGs), and I even wear them in the summer
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    No, not usually. Some people I know keep their shoes from the day on whilst roaming their house think of all that dirt staining the carpets!
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    All the time - I get cold feet otherwise
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    Nope, but do wear socks because I can't stand it when my feet are cold!
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    yup, i even wear ma boots in my bed.
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    Sometimes. In my flat I'll potter around in shoes, or I'll change into my slippers. Or I'll go bare-foot.

    If I'm in someone else's house I'll observe their rules on footwear.
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    i dont tend to.... i tend not to wear socks either though !
    but if there cold i have some fluffy giant sock like slippers which i wear indoors... i also have slippers which i will wear outside which sounds weird... but im only going as far as the milk/log pile/post box
    and i always wear cotton socks to bed... i am determined to get nice soft feet again... lol

    i should probably wear something more often though i have a habbit of forgetting i have nothing on my feet and running down the garden to stop cats fighting or something and getting muddy feet ...
    too much info here me thinks.... sorry... lol
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    I don't wear shoes indoors, always socks though, I hate bare feet!
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    Nup, just socks.
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    I'm quite wierd :/, sometimes I cannot be without shoes at home!
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    Just socks, cause I never got used to wearing slippers. I always end up with wearing only one slipper and have to look for the other everywhere.
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    I don't see why you would wear shoes constantly in your own house. That's not really comfortable. Anyway I either wear socks or slippers or both together when its really cold.
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    Nope, just socks... all the time, even in summer
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    Nope, I'm usually barefoot, occasionally have slippers, and sometimes I have socks, but that is after I have been out and needed to put them on with the shoes I'm wearing. Like going barefoot, even if I'm a little cold, not sure why!
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    Take them off if I'm staying in. If I'm hanging around for less than 30mins I will keep them on.
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    I don't wear, like, trainers inside, but I will wear boot-style slippers if it's very cold. Tends to be bare feet or just socks though.
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    I wear crocs in the house.I take my outdoor shoes off the minute I get in and put them on the shoe rack in the hall.I hate having bare feet.
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    Haha this USA strange thread but anyways I don't. I don't really like wearing shoes tbh, would my rather be barefooted


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