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Section 5-part a4 for EU students[Student Finance application form]

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    Hi all,

    As a new full-time EU student I was having a look at the EU12N form.

    I have some issues with section 5,in particular with part a4 that says:

    "Please give course details below. State if this course was with or without honours. Do notmention any course that you studied part-time where you did not achieve a qualification; orany course that was entirely self-funded at a private university or college where you did notachieve a qualification"

    After school,I've attendend an university course,here in Italy,for 1 year.Obviously I didn't get any kind of qualification from it,because i quitted after the first year.

    So,in the entire section 5:

    -I've started an undergraduate course,in Italy,and I tick the "YEs" box(even if the course was not completed)
    -I've not achieved any sort of qualifications from the course
    -My parents entirely paid for the tuition fees,but it was a public university.

    I don't know if it was full-time or part-time,because in Italy we don't have this distinction(we used to have around 25 hours/week of lectures)..

    after all that,the final question says:"If you did not achieve a qualification for any course listed above, why was this?"

    How can I answer to this,in a formal way,simply saying that "I noticed,after one year,that Electronics was absolutely not the subject I wanted to study"?

    At the end it says:"If you did not finish your course due to compelling personal reasons (which does notinclude reasons of academic performance alone), you must give full details in this sectionand send the necessary documentary evidence to support the reasons you give."

    So I reckon I don't have to send any evidence for this point,am I right?

    thank you in advance for your answers

    What they are trying to ascertain is whether you had previous study that is counted, or not. You do have 1 year previous study, from what you said.

    Basically, yes, just say the course was not for you, and you do not need to provide evidence.
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    Thank you for your answer,however,in the directgov website it says,in the page "who qualifies for student finance": "You’ll usually only be able to get student finance if you’re doing a first higher education qualification."

    I've studied at University,here in Italy,for 1 year,but I didn't get any sort of qualifications...I am still eligible for a tuition fee loan,right?

    Yes. What that means is that if you've already successfully completed a higher education qualification, you'll only get funding for the first one.

    Funding for UK and EU students are worked out using a formula, and providing they haven't completed a HE course, this is:

    New course length + 1 year - previous study = entitlement
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    Thank you for your answer!

    I've received the responses I needed,however,for not opening another thread...

    Do you know the average time gap between when I send the letter/evidence to the EU student finance and the response letter from them?

    I'm afraid I don't. Even when it's UK students it can vary greatly. Hopefully an EU student will come along and tell you how long they had to wait

    I have talked with them on the phone few days ago, and they said around 4 weeks.. might be faster, might be longer.. so lets just wait and see what happens..
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    Is it possible that an application,from EU student,for the only Tuition Fee Loan qould be denied?

    For what reasons this may happen?

    I have exactly the same question.. hopefully someone can answer it!


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Updated: April 2, 2012
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