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OMGPop Sold Way Too Early -- They Left $800 Million On The Table...agree?

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    So as we all know OMGpop was sold for a very decent $200 million dollars or roughly around that... But some in the 'industry' are saying it has the potential to be the first Bilion Dollar app company?? Anyone else thing maybe that is just too far a leap for a mobile apps / web based games business to be worth? I think its popular yes but will it stay this popular wh knows - what are your thoughts?

    Article below
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    I think it has the potential but honestly i doubt it will ever get past the 500mil mark, although the game is incredibly popular and obviously a fantastic idea i can see it getting old pretty fast. There isn't much they can do in terms of keeping it original and eventually a new app will come out or people will simply get bored.

    That is not however to say this app will ever stop being profitable, can imagine this being a pretty standard time killer for a long time to come but i can't really see OMGpop becoming a billion dollar company because of it.

    I don't think it is impossible for an app company to hit the big time and when one does it will probably be a pretty simple game rather than one like infinity blade which although good will never reach the sheer numbers that apps like Angry Birds or Draw Something can.
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    I agree with above although they can bring out newer versions, upgrades and so forth. But wont hit the 1 billion mark unless they revolutionise it.
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    I doubt 500 million people have smart phones. Nor half of that.


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Updated: March 26, 2012
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