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Have you ever changed or wanted to change your name?

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    I haven't got a middle name and would really like to give myself one. I love the name Blanche (from watching Upstairs Downstairs) because it sounds really old fashioned but lovely.

    Has anyone else ever changed their name? Or would you want to in the future?

    How difficult is it, I think you do it via Deed Poll
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    I think changing your current name if it's really bad, like gaylord focker or something, is okay, but giving yourself a middle name because it sounds old fashioned is really lame imo.
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    haha i have the chaviest name and last name in exsitence
    but ive never really thought about changing it.
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    Thinking of changing my name to Eggbert just for the lols
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    I've thought about it, but it just seems like too much effort.

    <3 x
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    I quite like my name because it's different - the only reason I'd want to change it is because my surname is not spelt the way it usually is which means nobody ever spells it correctly because they assume it's the traditional spelling. Also, my first name - Lorna - commonly turns out as Laura or Lorne if I'm lucky. And most people haven't heard of my middle name or think it's a man's name. Despite all that, I'm going to keep all 3 parts of it!
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    Yes I have, you are officially talking to Princess Consuela Bananahammock
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    Who wouldn't want to be a Roy?
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    I had a friend who did this. I grew up with him when his name was Robert Guy, he changed it to Kenny Langford-Smith when he turned 18. He had 'come out' and wanted to leave the old him behind. It was so hard to remember he had changed his name and for years I kept calling him 'Rob' and he hated it. Amazingly with his name change, he also became a total different person-an egomaniac in my opinion, hence why we are not friends anymore. When he became Kenny Langford-Smith he actually stopped being Robert Guy/. Maybe this shows that names are important in the way we perceive ourselves?
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    I've thought about it, as my name is a bit rubbish. But I'd miss it if it were something else, so no.
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    I have thought about changing my first name to Optimus. People would bow to me.
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    I don't have a middle name (my dad forgot it on the way to register me... :dry:)

    But I've decided that this April I'm going to make my late grandmothers name my middle name.

    It seems fairly easy to do, online by deed poll and it costs £25 roughly.
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    thought about changing it to Boris a couple of times.

    instead, i just used Boris on the internet :ninja:
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    I am in the process of changing my surname to my mother's maiden name because I want to remove from my life every last trace of the disgusting excuse I have for a father. I haven't legally changed it yet but when people ask me my name (when not related to work or something official) I always give my mum's maiden name. I'm going to legally change it by deed poll this summer I hope. Not too sure how easy it is though.
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    I changed my entire name (long story!) when I turned 18. I had a LOT of negative feedback from my friends and workmates, but it was the right decision for me to make and I don't regret it (7 years later). I used a deed poll website, cost me around £35 but the difficult part is notifying banks, inland revenue etc. Be prepared for some heavy paperwork and negativity, but shouldn't be as bad if it's just a middle name.
    Good luck, like many others I have dad issues and the name change felt like I was freeing myself. The best choice you can make to take control of your image
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    I'd love to drop my first name as it's really common in my age group, back when I was at comp there were 4 other people in my form with the same name. I much prefer my middle name & have thought about dropping my fist name a lot. I don't really know how to go about it though & I've heard you can't get get your qualifications re-printed. Its probably too late to do it before I graduate from uni now so everything up to my degree would be in the old name and only my MA would be in the new name.
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    (Original post by TheLonelyGirl)
    Aaaaaarggghhh I am really curious- what are the names in each case!?!?! :P
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    I've considered dropping one of my middle names before, simply because having two middle names makes it hard to fit it into tiny spaces on forms. Why can't they give more room to write your name?! :rant:
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    I changed my last name a few months back, and the Deed Poll process is actually really simple. You can pretty much do it all online, you fill out the forms and make a payment, and they'll send it to you where it just needs to be signed by you and a referee sort of person, I think they need to be of a professional background.

    Then you just send it back to them in a provided envelope, they finalise all the details, and then it's official

    It's quite handy actually as they send you a list of people to inform and such

    Good luck!
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    Yes, I'm utterly amazed as to why my parents failed to name me Godzilla upon birth.


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