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Wolverhampton FRESHERS September 2012! :)

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    State your name (If you want to), Age, course, where you'll be living and more importantly what you're looking forward to!

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    I'm Sophia, I'm 21 years old, going to study sport management at the walsall campus but I will be living in the city centre.

    What I'm most looking forward to is being able to work independently and being able to work on a subject I'm REALLY interested in...and of course meeting everyone! :bl:
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    I'm james, studying fire and rescue! 19 years old and can't wait to start a new life down in Wolverhampton!

    I have back ground knowledge of the fire service as I work for Cheshire fire, but being able to study something I want will be good. Can't wait to meet some new friends and spend time going out meeting people. :groovy:
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    I'm Micky, I am 18 years young and I will be studying Event and Venue Managment at the walsall campus, i will also be staying at that campus.

    What I'm most looking forward to is making new friends, being able to study in something which i am passinate about, and leraing alot about myself.
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    I'm Laura, 18, I will be studying primary education at the Walsall Campus,
    I'm looking forward to meeting new people, moving away from home and doing something I love.
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    Im Sam, 17, 18 in June and looking forward to studying Law while playing Sports and having a few *cough* drinks with new mates!
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    I will be studying English and History starting in September, 25 years old, planning to live in Birmingham/West Brom ... Just looking forward to starting the course and cracking on with it, i enjoy the subjects so should hopefully enjoy the course just scouting around for decent accommodation and some security work now.
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    My name is Arron, 19, from Birmingham. I will be studying Criminology and Criminal Justice at Wolvo )
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    Hello you lot! I'm graduating in September from Wolves uni but returning also to do Postgrad study. You lot who are new to Walsall campus, you might well see me around - I've applied to be a BestMate to take you newbies under my wing and show you around Walsall and get you settled in Don't worry, we're gunna have a blast
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    I'm Kassy, from MANCHESTER. 17 will be 18 in June woop!!! I will be studying Genetics and Molecular Biology. Seriously cant wait to meet new people (: x
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    hey i'm Ashley and ill be studying Criminology, Criminal Justice and Law at Wolverhampton and i'm looking for a friend (he says trying not to sound to desperate) but yeah if your going in September and fancy a chat, go for it
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    (Original post by KassyIdris)
    I'm Kassy, from MANCHESTER. 17 will be 18 in June woop!!! I will be studying Genetics and Molecular Biology. Seriously cant wait to meet new people (: x
    Hey im Ashley, from Nottingham and should be going wolves too
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    (Original post by Ashburrows)
    Hey im Ashley, from Nottingham and should be going wolves too

    hey, have you applied for halls yet? if so, which one
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    Hey everyone, i'm 17 (18 in August) and i'm going to study Video and Film Production
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    Hey im Danielle, and ill be studying social work at city campus :]
    Im looking forward to meeting new people and gaining more knowledge and experience in what I want to study

    I'll be living at home!
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    Nicole, 18 (19 by September) I'll be studying Broadcast and Journalism and living at home (:
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    Hey Freshers!!

    My name is Carol and I'll be an Erasmus student next course.
    I'll be studying in City Campus and hopefully living in City Campus halls too!
    I'm looking forward to meet a lot of new people and having fun. And studying, yeah... :beer:
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    Hey, I'm Frankie, 19, and studying special needs and inclusion studies at the Walsall campus. I will be living at home, but it's only down the road.

    Can't wait to start my course and meet lots of new people.

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    Hey, I'm Ayaan , 19 and Studying Childhood and family studies with Education. I'll be living at home as I'm from Birmingham so not too far
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    Alright future freshers Im Mo just finished me first year at wolves im doing war studies and politics starting my second year at city you guys are gonna love it im the chairman of the dubstep society and im a a best mates team leader ( the guys and gals who are there to help all you freshers) so you guys should deffo see me around yh wanna know anything or just want a friendlly face that knows his way round get in touch your welcome to add me on fb or send me a messege or something me full names Mohaan Biswas

    hope to see ya all in sept



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