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Is this the most amazing piece of music or what?

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    ''Alone in Kyoto'' - Air

    Recently heard it on TV from the Samsung Galaxy Note advert which triggered my memories as I remembered hearing it a couple of times many years ago. I've only just discovered the name of this piece of music. It was apparently in the 'Lost in translation' film, but I've never seen it before, yet I somehow remembered hearing it, weird, it must've been quite popular back then in around 2003-04 that it was used in various pieces of media. Theres something quite soothing about this song, hard to explain

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    Acquire Ryuichi Sakamoto. Understand beauty in music.
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    it's pretty amazing. really relaxing
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    Nah, it's dull, boring.
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    (Original post by Aisha~~)
    Acquire Ryuichi Sakamoto. Understand beauty in music.
    Sakamoto :love:
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    Well, it's a tugging on your heartstrings kind of melody, so I can see how it'd be appealing.
    It's quite pleasant :-)
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    I found it moving although I prefer this:

    as overplayed as it is, it's a very moving tune.


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