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What's the food like in the catered halls?

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    Can anyone give me a rough idea of what's for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Is the stuff any good?
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    -Breakfast on weekdays - you can get fruit, yoghurt, toast, cereals and there's often hot options for example eggs or bacon/sausage baps
    -Lunch on weekdays - your university card will also act as a meal card which is loaded up with £5.10 each weekday of term. You can spend this anywhere on campus e.g. in your hall/a friend's hall or in one of the catering outlets on campus, such as the food court in the Portland Building or in a cafe in your school's building. This means there's quite a wide selection - chinese, indian, pasta, pizza, salads, fried chicken, burgers, sandwiches or freshly-made baguettes...
    -Dinner on weekdays and weekends - there tends to be a choice of around 3 main meals (one is always a veggie choice), usually with some form of potatoes and a choice of veg. Pretty sure there are sample menus online somewhere!
    -On weekends you just get brunch and dinner. Sunday dinner is always a roast of some sort, although there's another option if you don't fancy that. Brunch on a Saturday is a full-English (best meal of the week!) but the usual breakfast items are also available if you're not that hungry. Brunch on a Sunday offers jacket potatoes with fillings or a continental style breakfast with croissants, pastries etc.

    I'd say unless you're a very fussy eater, you'll be fine! Dinners can vary - sometimes I really enjoy it, sometimes it's not great but it's all edible so you shouldn't go hungry

    Any more questions on anything, feel free to ask!
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    Yeah it's pretty good-ish. Some days are like "GOOD GOD WHY" (chinese night for example) but they often do some really nice stuff. You get a fairly good choice, a pudding + yoghurt/fruit

    The brunches are pretty alright (sunday less so)... full English is always good, even if the bacon is a little rubbish.

    ... but on the whole I'm pretty impressed by the food, although I've only ever eaten in Lenton and Wortley Hall
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    Depends on how much you care about it. It does get repetitive, and at least in my hall I don't find dinner all that good but lunch and breakfast are fine.
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    Thank you very much for your answers; good to hear they have veggie options.
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    What if a meal doesn't fill you up? Are you allowed to get some more? I don't mean to be selfish lol I just don't want to starve.
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    (Original post by QuantBrain)
    What if a meal doesn't fill you up? Are you allowed to get some more? I don't mean to be selfish lol I just don't want to starve.
    May depend on the hall. Mine has implemented a rule where you're only allowed to get seconds during the last 15 minutes of dinner. Breakfast is not normally a problem - I've had up to 3 pastries before, there's also toast and cereal to choose from too.
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    Are the meals included in the accommodation bill? or do you have to pay separately?
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    (Original post by Kachun)
    Are the meals including in the accommodation bill? or do you have to pay separately?
    If you're in a catered hall then meals are included in accom bill.
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    Hi Guys, Are you charged for meals you don't eat?

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    (Original post by theneghan1)
    Hi Guys, Are you charged for meals you don't eat?

    well you don't get any money back, so effectively yes


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Updated: December 4, 2012
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