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going to see Jay Z & Kanye in concert alone?

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    i've booked a ticket to see Jay Z and Kanye West at the o2 in may and im really excited to see them live, however im going to be going on my own seeing as none of my friends can really afford the tickets (they're £100+) and this is my first concert ever and i don't know whether it looks unusual for me to be on my own or what? is the normal?
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    Standing or seated?

    When i went to the O2 unfortunatley it was seated and that meant i was split from my friend. It was still a good gig but standing wouldve been WAYYYYY better.
    I talked to the people sitting nearby but it was abit awkward as it was like 2 couples who were about 50 .
    But if your going standing itll be easier to talk to random people especially as your in the crowd and people get split up, and theyre more likely to be similar to you in age too.
    People arent gonna notice if your on your own anyway really as theyre too busy thinking about the gig

    So if your really sure you wanna see them live and everything go for it, otherwise wait for another gig and go with friends :P
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    I've been to gigs on my own and had a brilliant time, cinema too. Who the hell really cares who you're with, you're there to see music you like and that's the only reason you should be imo.
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    Well, you're not going to see them alone if it's Jay Z and Kanye, are you? :awesome:

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    I'm going, I booked tickets last week for the o2 for £58ish though, did it sell out or something? I'd go by myself if nobody wanted to come


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