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Is politics at Strathclyde/Stirling good?

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    Should I be disappointed. I was rejected from Glasgow university for politics (my first choice due to the prestige and scenery), however I am not surprised, they have 8 applicants per space and I had AABB (about average - above intelligence, nothing special), not the required AAAA.

    However I was made an unconditional offer from Stirling and I received a conditional from Strathclyde. The conditions they set were quite reasonable and very fair.

    What I wanted to ask, is Strathclyde a good university for Politics? Should I go there (if I meet the conditions) or Stirling? What is Strathclyde university like, do any of you know?
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    Well I know that Strathclyde is much more prestigious than Stirling, and has one of the best business schools in the world. For politics- I'm really not sure.

    Speaking in general, they both have modern campuses but IMHO the Stirling campus looks amazing and so does their accommodation. Strathclyde is ranked much higher in the world, and more people probably know it.


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Updated: April 21, 2012
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