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Can someone give me some quotes on first impressions in pride and prejudice?

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    Or do your own homework?

    There's like an entire rant by Elizabeth when she first meets Mr Darcy, same again with her Mum.

    Same again, when Elizabeth meets basically any man in the entire thing.
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    That's not very helpful..
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    ... And the question isn't that hard.

    Plus I don't have my copy of P+P on me - at least I've given you some starting points.

    The entire thing is about how first impressions change - Mr Darcy going from aloof and rude to a gorgeous man hunk, and Mr Wickham does the reverse, and then Mr Collins is always received badly.
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    Yes, but to get top marks you need quotes to complement the essay.. and like you I don't have my P and P book to hand or my exercise book.

    I'll just have to get some quotes off people tomorrow.

    Thanks anyway.
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    Have you tried Sparknotes?

    They often have important extracts from the book on there.
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Updated: March 27, 2012
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