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What would be your last meal if you were on Death Row?

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    Watched that Death Row thing with Werner Herzog(?) the other day and the inmates can choose whatever they want for their last meal before execution.

    What would you choose?

    I'd want a full Christmas dinner.
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    Fish and chips, British to the end!
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    A Sunday Roast. I would also demand to be executed on a Monday....
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    I'd want a everlasting gob stopper...

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    With chips :ahee:
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    Raw chicken carpaccio, hopefully get food poisoning.

    Can't be executed if you're deemed not fit and healthy enough!
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    Duck 'n chips.
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    That drink they give to people for euthanasia. Get it over with I say

    And a Frijj.
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    My mum's cooking.

    If that isn't possible, anything from Red Robin's.. (restaurant in US) utterly delicious
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    (Original post by Fusion)

    With chips :ahee:
    really...chips as well
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    (Original post by Fusion)
    With chips :ahee:
    Full English was a very close second for me
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    I will have to go all patriotic and ask for spanish omelette made by my mum, she would be totally proud.
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    A bucket of KFC, gravy, biscuits, some pepsi and a red velvet cupcake.
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    This is inspiring. Late night snack time!!!
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    mac d
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    I feel so hungry after reading this!

    But yeah anything made by my mum would do me just fine!
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    An all you can eat buffet with no time limit.
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    Starter: Camembert with crusty bread
    Main: Toad in the hole with gravy and chips
    Dessert: Mum's carrot cake
    Drinks: A complete mix of great beer, red wine, cocktails and mixers. (Not sure if hell does hangovers)

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    What's the point? I'd find it very hard to enjoy a meal knowing that it would be my last. I'd probably use my time trying to figure out how to escape and go down fighting than suffer a horrible death in the electric chair.
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    Steak and chips!


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