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CSM vs Nottingham Trent for graphic design

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    Hey, so I've got into the places I've applied for but am stuck in deciding between Nottingham Trent university or central st martins for BA graphic design, my heart wants to go with Nottingham Trent because I loved it there but I feel like I'd be missing a massive opportunity if I turn down my csm offer
    Also, if I were to go Nottingham id have to far move away from home, which is quite a scary thought
    in need of reassurance ah

    CSM definitely. In today's competitive market being a CSM graduate would make you a far stronger candidate, places here are VERY sought after so you'd be giving away a massive opportunity like you say. London is one of the world's largest creative hubs, the industry and opportunities in the city are huge - you'll want to consider work experience and interning so you'll have a far better chance here. You'll also more likely to meet like-minded people and there is far more in London in terms of inspiration.

    Trent is great also, and Nottingham is a cool city but given the same opportunity i'd go for St. Martins. Congrats anyway for getting into both and good luck


    bla bla bla employability bla bla stronger candidate yackity schmackity.

    Don't go on a graphic design course because of 'employability'. You will make yourself employable by creating **** hot work - something achieved in an environment where you're enjoying yourself. Going somewhere because 'places are sought after' is a dumb idea - there are a lot of people out there that have no idea and thus just apply for the colleges they've heard of, not the best or most appropriate ones.

    I however agree about location being an issue - but I wouldn't be afraid of moving away. If you're afraid of doing it it'd probably be a good thing to do haha. London is a brilliant place to be, but it's certainly not the be all and end all.

    Talking to previous CSM graduates, they believe the course has gone downhill the past couple of years, whereas I have heard fantastic things about Nottingham. Whatever you decide, they're both really good courses - but from the way you talk about Nottingham it seems you should go there.

    I agree with crook, don't go somewhere because places are sought after, just because more people want to go there doesn't mean it's for you. If you loved Nottingham and the course there then i'd say go to Trent.
    I've applied for Graphic Design too and it's between Trent and Manchester for me!

    I agree with crook. I'm currently in my first year at lcc and even though it's not exactly the same as csm it does carry a "prestigious" name. i really do think it is overhyped however the facilities and technicians are really good, but i am still looking to transfer and nottingham trent is a strong possibility too some people look at me like i'm nuts for wanting to leave lcc to go somewhere else but really think about where you would enjoy living for 3 years because that is an important factor.

    I hope this doesn't put anyone off lcc because the foundation course there is amazing.
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    ah thank you everyone for the feedback, I am currently at csm on the foundation course and I enjoy it but find the BA is very different, I hear you change classes every two weeks and barely get any tutor time, which puts me off quite a bit. I'm the kind of person who enjoys a family environment with lots of tutor and peer interaction, which Nottingham Trent provides
    A lot of people think I'm crazy for even considering another uni other than csm, including my parents which isn't helpful really
    It's silly but I currently enjoy the reaction I get off people when I say I go to csm as they think more highly of me (if that makes sense), which is pretty silly ah, i just don't want to waste an opportunity by making the wrong decision


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