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Royal mail stamp prices to increase

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    now that stamps are too damn expensive will u stop posting mail and just do e-mail or do online services

    also will u phyciscally hand deliver your mail yourself instead of relying on royal mail
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    When did they even get close to that?

    Last time I physically bought a stamp, it was still 26p for 1st class. But with that said, when I send letters, I usually go by 1st recorded, so it's not like I'm adverse to paying; just ignorant to the pricing.

    It'd cost me upwards of like £40 in petrol to deliver some letters I write, so I'll take the 55p.
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    I think most people use email unless something really has to be posted so I doubt it's going to make that much of a difference.
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    They can't keep running with massive losses...
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    I won't hand deliver mail unless it's local, which I would do now anyway, because otherwise you're just spending more on petrol/public transport.

    For items that need to be posted as opposed to letters (which I never write since email/texts are free) I'm currently using stamps I bought when second class was 27p and first class was 36p, still have quite a lot of them left .
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    (Original post by 01jtiong)

    now that stamps are too damn expensive will u stop posting mail and just do e-mail or do online services

    also will u phyciscally hand deliver your mail yourself instead of relying on royal mail
    Update your thread title: a First Class stamp will cost 60p. I can't believe that. A Second Class stamp will be 50p. The mere 10p difference is purposeful to get you to go for the more expensive option.
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    60p still sounds exceptionally good value when you actually think about it.

    Consider what happens after you post a letter. The amount of manual impact that is needed from collection to delivery, the logistics: machines, property and transport.

    We will post a lot less in the future, but it is still an important service.
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    Inevitable, unfortunately. The company was screwed when the government of the time opened the market to 'competition' (read: private companies cherrypicking the profitable parts), it's just taken this long to finally shake out.

    At this point, it's this or lose the universal service altogether - private mail companies won't deliver to the arse-end of Scotland for 60p or anything like it, I'll guarantee you that.
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    they seem to be committing Hara Kiri
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    seeing as i ahve no intention of paying the price of a courier or other some such thing ill stick to pos vby royal mail, im selling a lot of stuff on ebay atm and RM is still the quickest and easiest way of doing things
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    Surely the only mail they actually deliver any more is bank statements and christmas cards?
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    The UK has one of the lowest postage costs in Europe. In France they pay £1.11 for a first class stamp, Germany it's £1.21, and in Denmark it's as high as £1.36. So in comparison 60 pence isn't all that much. See here for more details:

    Running a delivery service is expensive and the vans and lorries don't just run on air, fuel costs have risen massively in the past couple of years and those costs have to be passed onto the customer if the business is to remain viable.


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Updated: March 27, 2012
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