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Northampton Uni? Racism?

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    Hi I'm thinking of transferring and doing my second year from my current uni to Northampton..not only does the accommodation rates look alot cheaper...but even the parking permit.
    My only concern is (1) the travel and tourism department which i will be studying has no contact information/reviews anywhere I can find
    (2) The SU on facebook had 'stop racism' signs everywhere and in the information page. I did a google search and found loads of stuff about racism in Northampton.
    I'm a Mixed Race Indian guy..and can't be arsed with ignorance of people.
    It looks like I'd be at the park campus..can anyone give me some advice here if theyre at the uni..I've spoke to a few people on facebook from there who seem lovely..but the whole SU Racism thing has kind of put me off it..plus apparently Student Finance said Northampton would have to accept me?

    i have never seen any racism what so ever at this uni, im in my second year and lived at park campus all last year and dint find one racist there the whole time. the only thing i would say is that there is a massive divide between the different races that go to uni here i.e. Asians stick with Asians, blacks stick with blacks and whites stick with whites, there doesn't seem to be a mix of all the the different backgrounds and cultures which is a shame, because i thought being at uni will make people more 'open eyed' but if anything its pulling people away. i can honestly say however it is a fantastic uni and ive loved every minute of it.

    my housemate is actually doing travel and tourism and he loves it and says the course is fine and the lecturers are really helpful. hope this helps
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    Aaah I see! Very interesting..

    I personally did not witness any racism and I socialised/lived with people of all races and religions. When I took my elective subject, I found students on the full time course (American Studies) did not want to mix with me or the exchange students, that is probably the closest I got to ignorance.

    Im in my second year and yea i have seen a little bit of a divide but nothing sinister there are mixed groups of people aswell! i suppose its just what people are comfortable with i think its a lovely uni and lovely atmosphere! compared to some other unis iv visited when visiting friends its very laidback in term of people and social groups ! i didnt even know there was much of a racism problem

    As a young black homosexual I experience a great deal of racism in the area beatings with sticks have not been uncommon

    Been here for 3 years and haven't experienced any racism. I'm a black guy. Although, what the posters above have said is true. There really is a divide between races. There are some groups that mix, but you can't help but notice the large amounts of people that hang around their own race. I found it strange when I first got here, but you get used to it. Still, it would have been nice if more people mixed together.

    The uni is very nice and laid back, though. Never seen any problems around campus.

    In my first year and haven't seen or experienced any racism. Although I'm in a very mixed group, I've noticed the divide as well, which is a bit of a shame.


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Updated: May 27, 2012
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