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Introverts or extroverts is one better? Which are you?

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    I read an article in the Daily Mail yesterday that was called 'Revenge of the introverts'; it was basically talking about how introverts do better in life.

    These are my results:

    Extroverted (E) 69.7% Introverted (I) 30.3%
    Intuitive (N) 51.52% Sensing (S) 48.48%
    Feeling (F) 53.85% Thinking (T) 46.15%
    Judging (J) 51.35% Perceiving (P) 48.65%

    Your type is: ENFJ
    ENFJ - "Persuader". Outstanding leader of groups. Can be aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be. 2.5% of total population.

    I just wondered what you guys thought: introvert or extrovert? Who do you prefer? Are introverts boring? Are extroverts annoying?

    The Daily Mail article made us extroverts sound like annoying in-your-face loud people, and the comments seemed intent on demoralising extroverts.

    But basically who do you think do better in life: Introverts or Extroverts?

    LINK: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/ar...opposite-.html
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    (Original post by dancinglove)
    [...]I realised why extroverted on the outside, I am kind of introverted within.
    You need a dictionary rather badly.
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    Big time extroverts are usually bonkers.
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    That's because the population of the internet or at least those sorts of sites are full of introverts.

    Why would they not want an excuse to feel better about themselves? It's like the people who get INTJ or INTP on those Myer's Briggs or whatever they are called tests, and think they're something special because Einstein was a INTP and INTP's sound in general like DEEP thinkers. Ignoring their actual situations and forgetting that they are all pretty average or below average folk.

    And it depends on context as always. For example, you find in debates and so on, that it's not the 'smartest' ideas that get considered the most, it's the ones spouted off by the most loud individuals in the group that do. In the board meetings, extroversion may be better, but in tele-whatever you call it digital meetings, introversion might be better ~ as they'll develop different skills suited for different tasks and etc generally over time.

    But either way, in my opinion, the UK at least has shifted towards suiting the introverted rather then the extroverted.
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    Interesting video here about it:

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    I think the world needs a good mix of both, they complement each other well. A world full of only extroverts or introverts would be awful. I don't think either is better, both introverts and extroverts do well in life.

    When I do the personality test I come out as an ENTJ which I think is pretty accurate.
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    I can't stand being around extroverted people for long periods of time, especially if they're on amphetamines or really drunk.
    Srsly, calm the **** down. It's not hard.

    Being introverted, an extroverted personality heavily contradicts mine with regards to almost everything, or so I've learnt (although certain traits will naturally remain the same and have no bearing on whether the person is extroverted or introverted).

    Also, with regards to this, there is no "better". Everyone excels at certain things, and that has no bearing on whether they want to go out and get ratted every weekend or prefer to stay indoors and watch a film.
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    The quietest people have the loudest minds...and vice versa (imo)
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    I'm an introvert, but this doesn't mean I'm shy. Far from it, I will speak out if needed.
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    I'm very introverted.

    I feel extremely drained of energy when in social environments for too long.
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    Definitely an extrovert, 78% by that test. ENFP Neither is "better", this ain't Harry Hill!
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    We need a good balance of both. I couldn't be more extrovert, my boyfriend is very introvert and I love it...he keeps me in control!

    This is quite a cool related experiment


    I tried it with a group of young people and results were as we predicted! Interesting
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    I agree, neither is better. The article was wrote by an introvert for an introvert (: I do agree with the whole - Eintsien was this so I must be amazing. But I'd rather be my own person, and if me being a bit chatty makes a few extreme introverts dislike me then so be it
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    (Original post by 117r)
    Interesting video here about it:

    That was really intresting (: But I think that yes, introverts are great, but extroverts are very often quite quiet when alone and less stimulating enviroments as well. When I was a child I loved reading and spent hours reading Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew, but I was still a total chatter-box in class.

    She is right, but as she is an introvert she can only see this as introverted behaivour; but you can very easily be extroverted and feed of social situations but still relish in solitude. I think it's important to send that message out as well.
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    There's definitely neither which is worse or better. Personally, although I can't stand small talk, I envy extroverts for their ability to do it. I also looked at some of the typical "extrovert" things like 'barrelling through life cheerfully' (what I do), being comfortable in the spotlight, speaking up in meetings, and thought; that's what I do! (I'm an introvert.) Really the only difference with me is that while I love people I want individual one on one connections, I sometimes get oversocialised and have to spend time alone, and I can't do small talk and don't function well in crowds. And I tend to think a lot.

    Of course, craving friendships, enjoying large crowds and small talk, not thinking too much, and not needing to spend too much time alone are no worse or better than my traits; they both have strengths and weaknesses (I know a girl who can't bear ever being alone, which must make life pretty difficult, but not being able to spend time with people for too long has sometimes made life equally difficult for me.)
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    Well I'm INTJ or INFJ. I noticed that most of the people in class that did well in their A levels were similar, whereas the extroverts didn't do very well (bar two or three, two of which happen to be my closest friends). I'm not surprised that introverts tend to do better in general.
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    Neither is better, but I'm glad the distinction is getting some national attention. Hopefully the education system will take note and stop teaching kids that being introverted is wrong somehow. I've lost count of the number of hours I've wasted in the classroom while the teacher goes through the painful self-indulgent routine of picking on the introverts to answer questions in front of the class. Crap like that needs to stop. Not only is it a complete waste of time but it's also a form of victimisation and should be thought of as such.
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    As an introvert there are several things I hate:-

    Small Talk - when people exchange fairly useless information. The conversations have no purpose, no place and are used wholly to fill a silence. These conversations are often low in energy and it seems fairly automatic and reflexive for both participants - which is a contradiction of the alleged "high-energy" extroverts possess.

    People Coaxing Me "Out of my Shell" - it's not a shell or a defense mechanism. It's just being quiet and thoughtful. We like the back seat, especially when the car's in the cruise lane. I also hate the times when I'm in rare form (very talkative) that these same people don't really listen. And you not talking was such a big deal before as well. :rolleyes:

    Being Called Boring / Accused of Having no Life - ok I will admit...nightclubs and social gatherings are often fun. But for us it's small doses I'm afraid. It's not healthy to walk around nightclubs bored ****less just to prove you "have a life". It's staggering that this is often the rationale people use, given that it's probably based on the stereotypical geek in US films. Moves are a millions miles away from real life to be honest.

    Holding Court - I prefer smaller groups but I start to despise them when I seem to be holding court with 1 other person all the time. As in, a group of 5 people featuring me and someone talking, and 3 just sat there watching, but not really looking like they're listening. This effect is made a 1000 times worse when said 3 spectators contribute side-comments here and there. Not serious ones...."funny" one's. And by funny....I mean annoying.

    Being Called Arrogant - ok I admit that this one is hard to defend against. Introverts DO come across as arrogant at times. I only learned this through speaking to other introverts myself (haha, I should know better) and felt put-out by their low-key responses and unwillingness to invest. However...when said introverts DO speak to me, I know how to make them comfortable after that.

    Faux-Superiority - many extroverts assume they're somehow higher than you. They deem themselves to be more confident and boast a higher social status and base it on nothing more than the fact that they're speaking more than you. When they're of this fallacy and proceed to try and assert themselves over you, you can usually hold your own (i.e. they realize that you are, in fact, NOT their *****) and this is the point where they will decide they do not like you or that you are arrogant. This feeling disappears after time, however. And I'd like to note that I cannot claim superiority over extroverts. Believe me, I've tried before, lol. But it just doesn't work like that.
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    INTJ, kinda half and half on the third though.
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    It depends, if I'm with people I know then I'm more likely to be outspoken, but if it's just me I tend to sit and be quiet :P


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