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SC Benfica v Chelsea Match Thread

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    Surprised there isn't a match thread, so I thought I'd start one.

    Chelsea start with: Cech, Ferreira, Luiz, Terry, Cole, Ramires, Meireles, Mata, Mikel, Kalou, Torres. Subs: Turnbull, Essien, Lampard, Drogba, Bosingwa, Sturridge, Cahill.

    Benfica have gone with: Artur Moraes, Maxi Pereira, Luisao, Jardel, Emerson, Aimar, Javi Garcia, Bruno Cesar, Witsel, Gaitan, Cardozo. Subs: Eduardo, Nolito, Nelson Oliveira, Rodrigo Moreno, Matic, Miguel Vitor, Saviola.

    I'm not going to predict anything as Chelsea aren't consistent enough for me to be comfortable in making a prediction - however, I am somewhat surprised with the team selection. I still don't believe Meireles should be playing defensive midfield, and whilst I don't like Bosingwa Ferreira is little better.

    Another chance for Torres, with two goals in fifteen CL games. The only striker at a top club who could get away with that bad a goalscoring return.

    Benfia look potent up front with talent such as Gaitan, Aimar and Cardozo, whilst Witsel should be good in midfield.

    Thoughts welcome.
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    Such a nice stadium.
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    Yeah, great stadium. I remember a few years ago when they had Luiz, Di Maria and Ramirez, they'd look great when they're in their stride. They're looking nervy atm.
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    We were let off there. Have to switch on.
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    Tbf I'm finding that I only know 4/5 of there players on the pitch which is pretty unusual.

    Ramires is rinsing there left back for pace.
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    Scintillating first half. I guess a draw should be satisfactory, though.
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    We're controlling the game better, 0-1 would be a great result but even a draw wouldn't be bad.
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    Urgh, great chance for Kalou.
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    Kalou :facepalm: just get it on target and you would have scored.
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    Surprised by how toothless Benfica have been for a home team, kind of starting to attack with some oomph now.
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    Nice goal
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    Yes Kalou! Well-worked goal.
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    yay! goal!
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    Brilliant play by Ramires and Torres to set up that goal.
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    Maybe Benfica might try and attack now.
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    Bosingwa on...hmm...

    (Original post by Deshi)
    Maybe Benfica might try and attack now.
    Hopefully, because we look good on the counter-attack.
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    Luiz has again been fantastic tonight.
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    (Original post by Isometrix)
    Luiz has again been fantastic tonight.
    He has recently looked far more mature in his selection of when to press for the ball and when to stand off...hopefully that'll continue. He has such potential.
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    Great result.
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    Not the most exciting of matches, expected Benfica to do more tbh, but still a good performance from Chelsea


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